A Day Learning in Safety, with Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa Honda Institute

The work that is making Honda safety Maybe that it will pass unnoticed for many, but I assure you that having been once more in its facilities we are more than insurance that everyone should take a look at the offer of courses ranging 90 to 140 euros. Say that it is interesting is an understatement very.

From half-day to three-day courses, weekends and Monday through Friday. You have a total of 10 courses that you learn what and to enjoy more of your bike when go to road. And enjoy well, safely and with everything under control.

A course for everyone

Direct inheritance of the Traffic Safety Promotion Division created in Japan in 1970, since it was opened in 2009, the Honda Safety Institute (HIS) It is doing a great job of training to all interested motorists on improving controls. It is not driving faster, it is driving better and do so in a safe and comfortable way.

The courses offered at HIS have since focus only on novice bikers who have much to learn, because we all have much to learn. After a morning in its facilities you realize that, even if you are a biker tanning in thousand battles, have much, a lot to learn.

These courses they are taught throughout the week, does not stop at HIS. There they spend from home users to companies wishing to train their drivers as risk prevention work or groups having the bike as a tool as the police.

The offer is distributed in 10 types of different formations. From the youngest, with six years can begin to learn safely in Honda plants, young people who want to enter the world of motorcycling learning or that focus on the improvement of Veterans.

  • Special kids I
  • Special children II
  • Schools – road safety
  • Driving Off Road
  • Moped / Scooter 125cc
  • Basic defensive
  • Average defensive
  • Top defensive
  • Top with route
  • Specific professional

The prices are really competitive and van 90 to 140 euros, with courses from half a day up to three full days in which you put everything: equipment, moto, monitors, food… You only have to focus on learning and I promise that you will come out of there being much better biker. As all candidates who face the biker of the year contest in which we infiltrate.

Its facilities have passed 20,000 bikers, the 3.350 them only in 2015. But Honda involvement goes beyond the courses at HIS. Golden wing brand is deeply involved performing other actions as carry their simulators events, performing small routes or reporting statistics by the current situation of the market and the Park.

Because the truth is that, in addition to emphasize that most motorcycle accidents could be avoided with better training or awareness, also influences deeply the aged State of our bikes.

The motorcycle affected by 2015 had a mean of 12.5 years, While the age of the Park is 14.7 years. All of them, very few are equipped with ABS, a tool that will be mandatory from 2017 and which will save many lives and many dislikes for motorists Pocket.

On this issue Marc Marquez commented that:

On a motorcycle, ABS can save lives and in the best of cases you pound a good scare. I have no doubt that all bikes that go by road should equip this technology to please our security.

And going a step further, Dani Pedrosa commented:

Circulating by road, there are many potential hazards and contingencies to which we are exposed. My advice to motorists is to invest in training to improve their skills to the handlebar for safer driving.

Albert Cavero, Head of road safety for Honda in Spain

We have a very aged fleet in which the vast majority of 3,000,000 of motorcycles that circulate in Spain lack basic security systems such as own-ABS or combined systems of braking.

Taking into account the high efficiency of these devices for the reduction of accidents, is required for the application of measures and incentives aimed at the renewal of the Park in order to change the current trend and having motorcycles safer.

On Monday we’ll tell you how are these courses from the inside to see if you convinced that you turn in best motorcycle.


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