A Refrigerator That Is Makes Selfies and Other 6 Advances You Would Never Believe for a Household Appliance

What could want a fridge should three cameras inside? Or what is the augmented reality for a robotic vacuum cleaner? What I say Wifi connections for washing machines and dishwasher? We will tell in detail.

IoT (Internet of things) has had a presence that is very prominent in the presentations of the first day of the CES and the more palpable for consumers are a series of appliances that are able to perform tasks or provide us every day to a level that seems outrageous. And even fun. There comes the time of the refrigerator makes selfies, and Samsung. Among others.

This fridge is done selfies

One of the promises of connectivity in refrigerators is that we can forget what there is inside. And Samsung has occurred to you that nothing better to put in the reference model for the 2016 neither more nor less than three cameras in its interior. With them, the fridge makes a picture of what they contain their compartments each time that we close the door, and that image is accessible from our smartphone.

With this innovation within what Samsung has called Family Hub Refrigerador, we will be able check reliably what we lack in the refrigerator even from the own supermarket.

Oven control from the couch

New ovens Samsung announced at the CES, I have my favorite. It’s the model that includes WiFi connectivity and application for your smartphone so can control the temperature of the same from the comfort of the sofa but also turn on, turn off or change the options of the physical controls with your smartphone screen. This was the future.

Refrigerator with more doors to your House

Although Samsung has presented a fridge with double door system in Las Vegas, LG is that more advanced leads this technology that allows you to save up to 47% of energy that traditional double door refrigerators according to them.

The system includes a opening of doors in two phases, so food more we want to reach, such as drinks, have a prior door that does not oblige to open the rest of the fridge, with the consequent saving of energy. But inside it is a compendium of independent zones, some accessible by means of buttons, and mainly looking to save energy and a better organization of each element.

Robot vacuum cleaner that makes house watchdog

LG is other companies that leaves each CES in Las Vegas some detail in its range of home appliances. It can be a washer into each other or the latest in autonomous cleaning robots.

Your new vacuum cleaner of reference in the range LG CordZero It is the HOM-BOT Turbo +, which is still a robotic vacuum cleaner with different sensors to detect dirt or not to fall down the stairs, but that now also allows via augmented reality indicate our smartphone from where we want to focus your cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner will use three cameras to not go through the same side twice or to give us insight in real time in the area and direct it away from our smartphone. And finally, the camera can also get photos of certain areas of the House and send them to your phone to stay more calm that everything is ok.

Dishwasher and washing machine that they buy detergent when it ends

If our appliances we offer Internet connectivity and our work are more advanced with complex operating systems, why not ask them to be more independent and to tackle tasks without having to be us pending?

Whirlpool It has presented at the CES in Las Vegas a dishwasher and a washing machine thanks to its connection to the Internet and the integration of the system of automatic purchase Amazon Dash can send the order on Amazon of detergent should detect that cycles of washing that has been made, detergent is about to end. Thus, when actually occur have been without it, we will not bring us a surprise and our Messenger from Amazon will be brought before spare parts.

A tablet of 21 inches and speakers for the refrigerator

If the three cameras were not sufficient to give power to the new fridge from Samsung, the Korean manufacturer has placed a 21-inch tablet so this appliance is the Centre of communication and entertainment of the family whole.

The Samsung Family Hub integrated allows you to buy in supermarkets directly from the screen of the refrigerator (thanks to an agreement with MasterCard and different online shopping websites our orders reach directly only to decide on the screen what we need), manage the calendar with appointments for the entire family, receive or send photos, leave messages to other members of the family and to check the status of certain elements of our home automation system as the automatic closing of the doors or the security cameras.

With this Hub can also receive multimedia content and even send music to other wireless speaker of the House if we don’t want to listen to it on the refrigerator has integrated.

A washing machine with tray for prewash

There isn’t much technology in the Activewash system of Samsung washing machines but that seems to be an idea that only could happen to Koreans, all taste it. And the market of appliances is ideal for this.

The system presented in the CES 2016 is not new, they already had it washing machines last year brand, but they have improved it with more power and depth. It is basically a zone or top tray which can be accessed directly and allows us, included water tap, do a prewash of certain garments before placing them in the washer drum. Access to this area is done directly, simply by lifting the tray Activewash and dropping then the garment and detergent or product used for prewash to the inside of the washer.