Acer EasyStore H341, a Digital Safe for All

Acer It continues confirming to Spain (still no availability or price), products that presented a few months ago. One of the most interesting for the consumer and also for the brand, as it is a niche to exploit very interesting, is the of the Personal file servers or NAS. After to get consumers to move from optical to hard disks, connect them in network is the logical next step.

The Acer EasyStore H341 It carries inside a processor Intel Atom D410 to ensure performance in addition to a minimum of energy consumption. The logical thing is to think that we will have the server all the time connected and note in this type of details. This Acer model allows that we can configure standby and resume program.

The maximum capacity of this Acer NAS is of 8 TB (spread over four discs maximum), quite above what a home user, main destination of this product, will need unless they fall into the syndrome of digital diogenes, an evil of our time.

Acer H341, officially debuts in a juicy market

The Acer H341, as other NAS systems, not only has the hard task of storing your photos, videos, music, movies, games and several backups, but that it must be capable of Please provide your location, organization and protection of the same.

And if you have a device such as a TV or laptop where reproduce that content, the DLNA compatibility This Acer EasyStore H341 is fundamental.

As we can see, Acer H341 design is quite attractive, with matte black finish and lights everywhere. In its four bays, we can accommodate up to 8 TB of information, and can insert and remove disks hot and with a set of configuration in simple steps to add new disks to our system. The ease of use of the software will be one of the keys to success or not of this first NAS from a giant like Acer, which sells everything what is proposed.

For example, with the included software We can automatically perform backups of the computers in the House, choosing how often and when. We can duplicate the important folders on another unit, interest, or external, for greater security. The ease that Acer has wanted to put when it comes to copy and store content on your NAS lets us connect a hard disk via USB and one touch of button, that the content be transferred to our digital safe, being ordered by file type folders of our choice.

The remote web access Neither is lacking in this Acer EasyStore H341, and can recover files from any computer connected to the Internet via your web browser.