Alcatel Phone Alert, System Security and Surveillance Economic and Capable

Security systems and surveillance for the home there are many and more that will arrive in the coming months. The interest in these products has skyrocketed and is not surprising. Not only the prices have been reduced but the ease of configuration and use make them suitable for all types of profiles.

We have been able to analyze Alcatel Phone Alert, a fairly comprehensive solution whose main attraction is that it does not require any subscription or additional payment. We only have to remove the from your box, configure, and start enjoying its advantages.

Alcatel Phone Alert Premium content

Alcatel Phone Alert Premium and security system consists of the following devices:

  • DECT phone Alcatel F370
  • Alcatel Box
  • Smoke detector
  • Motion detector
  • Flood detector
  • Two opening detectors

A set of sensors and devices that allow control and guarantee a minimum of security and safety in our home. And we mean not only the unauthorized entry. It is useful to control potential risks of flooding by a water line break, fire or even know when come to House our children or other family members.

Of course, if we have the most basic pack and want to add additional sensors you can, for example on the web we see that there is a temperature sensor, capable of measuring levels of monoxide carbon and even an additional remote control which we will then talk about other.

All sensors include a battery that feeds them. And the Alcatel Box carries three batteries type AA that is ensured to be always operational despite possible cuts in the electrical installation.

Operation of Alcatel Phone Alert Premium

Alcatel Phone alert pack is very simple to operate. Any user can install it just uncomplicated. It is true that after connecting the terminal DECT base we have to match it with the Alcatel Box and then do the same with the rest of sensors, but believe me, it’s not difficult. Just follow the instructions to have it all 100% operating.

Alcatel Phone Alert warns us via phone call, email or notification to the smartphone

Starting from there, the next step is to create account on the website. This is important to do so because it allows to enjoy all options of notifications. I.e. If we do not have account (free service) only receive alerts through phone calls to two previously selected numbers. In the other way, through applications for smartphone and tablet, we will receive notices in real-time. Not to mention the option of receiving an email.

User experience

After several weeks and some tests by forcing certain sensors we must acknowledge that the operation has been more than correct. The detection aperture of doors, presence, smoke and even flood work perfectly. Not only through its notification options, but also with the sonorous and luminous notice making the Alcatel Box.

With an output of 85 dB, the sound of the base is more than enough to alert us that something happens

Therefore, it is clear that if you are looking for a surveillance system with a quality/price ratio the Alcatel solution is more than interesting. In addition, when not running through the Wi-Fi of home have an advantage: continue letting us know in case of power failure or possible problems with connection even signal inhibition.

The team has been granted to the test by Alcatel. You can consult our policy of relations with companies