Amazon Wants to Let Us Clear That Prime Air Drones Are Efficient and Safe, There Will Be Various Models

Nor is it the first time that we speak of Prime Air, nor will be the last one, since it seems a story of fiction that takes real slow. Amazon It is very clear that we must take seriously the future service, while you advertise it with Jeremy Clarkson.

Thanks to an interview with Yahoo Tech we have heard new details on prompt shipping of packages based on drones. Paul Misener, Vice President of the House, have no idea about prices, but yes he knows many things about the rest of the service, we will know them.

Prime air, they want to take home packages in half an hour

Amazon is a company that mainly sells things, but their strong is in the quickly and easily with which it is able to make them get home.

With a fleet of drones thing can improve in certain circumstances, but first have to design this drone with three premises to meet: that shipments are less than half an hour, that can work in a top 16 km range, and that can be loaded with at least 2.2 pounds of merchandise. The vast majority of things in the Amazon catalogue weigh less.

The main problem encountered is not the dron, but their adaptation to the path and destination. Are not going to find a distance equal, so they are devising different vehicles. Will not be the same reach a field than to an apartment, nor ride a deserted area, that a full of buildings.

Drones like horses

Curious comparison established Misener with drones and horses:

These ‘aircraft’ are more like horses that like cars – and let me explain why. If you have a small tree in your front yard, and wants to hit their car on it, for some reason, you can do that. Your partner may not be happy with you, but it can do so. If you try to do the same with a horse, you won’t do it. The horse sees the tree and see its environment. In the same way our drones will collide with obstacles.

Ultimately, the drones have spatial recognition systems that will detect trees, power networks, and other common obstacles in those heights.

The appearance of the drone that we know, but at Amazon are developing different models, to adapt to different circumstances

Different heights for each flying object

From the point of view of flight traffic, presents a serious problem with both gadget riding our skies, for this reason, from now, Amazon is proposing the creation of an area of special flight the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and other international agencies.

They consider that above 500 feet should be space for unmanned vehicles, leaving an area of security between 400 and 500 feet. The drones would go into the remaining space between 200 and 400 feet height. Below would be an area for special operations.

Overcoming all the technological and legal hurdles wanting them to put, there are things against which you cannot fight, as those who want to fold to the drone to stay with the merchandise. And we have seen effective methods to make it.

As usual in the information relating to Prime Air, there is nothing about their actual deployment, but if it happened they would want it taking place in United States – if they do not leave them, debut it where can. Amazon strives with these interventions to demonstrate to society and regulators that the process is safe.