Amera Leverages Wireless Transmissions to Protect Yourself and Your Devices

The Canadian company Cognitive Systems has developed the chip R10 and has integrated it in a product called It amera, a small disc which is responsible for analyzing and monitoring the entire range of frequencies that we use for our wireless communications.

This monitoring has a goal: the protect both our security and our devices, detecting strange patterns and potential threats so we can know if they are taking place without our knowledge in order to act against them.

Intrusions on our WiFi and in our home

The R10 chip counts with four wireless receivers and five processing cores that “can see invisible wireless signals that people can not see,” said Taj Manku, co-founder of the company. This sensor works on the detection of potential threats to then let us know through the mobile or PC.

It amera is capable of detecting such our home WiFi network intrusion: know which devices can be connected and detected if others are trying to do it (something like a filtering MAC advanced and more comfortable to use), but is also able to use those analyses for other purposes.

For example, the of detect motion. In this case it uses a camera that captures images, but that the sensor is able to detect changes in the pattern of use of wireless waves when we are away from home to associate these changes with potential intrusions in our House. It amera will commercially launch it soon, and seems to be certainly an interesting alternative for those who want to win in comfort and safety.