And Yes Pets for Feeder Intelligent Failure? It Is Better That You Walk You through House

Little by little we see how the internet of things is materializing in various types of solutions as the control of temperature and lighting at home. Beyond this, what we have also seen in this field are applications in the pet care, But what happens in this case if there are any errors?

Recently saw some devices designed for dogs and other pets, some of them with remote control functions (if one can speak of this with animals) such as Petcube, allowing in addition to be able to see the pets play with them with a laser. But in this case are not talking about avoiding to bite down on furniture or do some mischief, but its power. What solution is there if the service goes down?


There are feeders feed automatic used above all in the case of farms and animals that spend part of the day alone for many years. PETNET add smart component to these dispensers offering a dose calculation of feed according to the characteristics of the animal, as well as a control from your smartphone through its own app, and can change the doses and check what have you eaten our mascot.

Until there all right and apparently quite useful if for any reason we spend so many hours away from home, that is not enough for that let a single ration prepared, but is required at least one or two more. What then is the problem? Not only is the risk that usually have with any Automation (by light or network cuts), but here also come into play Petnet servers. And if they have a breakdown? Well, then think of an emergency protocol because it will possibly be you go to feed your pet.

spend $150 on a fancy pet feeder that doesn’t feed your cat when their servers are offline what to great design

— Alan (@alanzeino) July 27, 2016

Alan, one of the users of the system Petnet, published this in your Twitter timeline. Petnet servers apparently fell and was notified to users this incidence by mail, as well as that they avisarían when it is solved, but they reminded the owners of They ensure to manually feed your pets.

We are having problems in one of our third-party servers. This is being investigated at the moment and we will provide more information as we receive it.

It can any scheduled rations as well as the remote commands fail. Please make sure that your pets are fed manually until we solve the incident.

We will continue updating the information as we resolve the incident. You can update the information from Twitter Petnet Support account.

At the moment we see in this Twitter account (Petnet (io) Support) that set the tweet that refers to this last failure. If we take a look at the previous failures there has not been similar, although servers have suffered some maintenance that was carried out on the same day (for example, on 21 September of 2015) and we do not know if it lasted so much as to cause problems to the users as of this time.

Internet of things, but not pets

This is a sign that the technology (or us) is not yet sufficiently refined so that the internet of things encompasses the care of other living beings? It is clear that each is relying to a greater or lesser extent of these systems, either for alarms or for the conservation of food, but it is worth stopping to think a little more when we talk about systems for feeding to living beings, which exist for both animals and plants.

Perhaps you have to consider one more level of safety or emergency operation for these incidents that can always pass

Perhaps you have to consider one more security or emergency operation level to solve these incidents may always happen in a more efficient way, as that to install Intelligent alarms it opts in other alternative connections as we saw in the case of Sigfox. Currently there are no response of Petnet this event beyond the mail sent to its users which we have attached before, we’ll see if they updated their system in any way.