Android Application for Digifort Remote Access

Digifort thinking about the convenience and convenience has developed the Digifort Mobile system which is to connect with mobile devices of various operating system platform.

Android Application for Digifort Remote Access

Android Application for Digifort Remote Access

The   Digifort Mobile Client Application  is a software developed in Java platform for mobile devices such as: Smartphone, Windows Phone, that allows the visualization of images of the security system CCTV whether it is composed by Digifort Server or only by IP network cameras.

Digifort Mobile is not an optional module of the System, but an add-on already available when you purchased version 6, with this complement you can trigger several output events directly from your mobile device or an automation in which your mobile phone will be the remote control, let’s cite a few examples below:

  • Siren Operation.
  • Turn lights on and off.
  • Open doors or gates.
  • Switching on and off electric motors through command and integration with the Digifort system
  • Among others and etc.

Now let’s look at the key features for CCTV security systems

  • Allows you to connect to multiple Digifort Servers.
  • It has network or analog camera view individually.
  • Saves Screenshots of the image on the mobile device.
  • Allows PTZ camera control.
  • Allows viewing by resolution setting, frame-by-second (FPS) image quality.
  • All this and much more available in English and Spanish.

Well, as you can see is a very complete and windowed system to automate a lot of things so just try and comment here in the CCTV Guide on what you think of the subject addressed by why your participation is important to us.