[APAS Fair 2016] More Control and Economy with Remote Monitoring

It was proved during the fair APAS that remotely monitor various security solutions and prevention of losses can be the large output to reduce losses with more agility. What once looked like movie, now is real and has been displayed to visitors of the fair: remote monitoring makes it possible to closely monitor various functions as alarms, monitoring of cash levels in several stores, videos, POS operations faced with registered tickets and even the temperature of the refrigerated counters. All this via the Internet, wherever the retailer’s. This system was received with a lot of curiosity by retailers during the 32 ND APAS Fair.

The event, which happened on days 2 to 5 may, in São Paulo, is considered the largest trade fair focused on supermarkets and retailers in the world. As usual, the APAS Fair 2016 brought not only the best solutions for retailers and supermarket owners of Brazil, but also the major technology releases from around the world, as was the case with Remote Monitoring, which was in operation at the Gunnebo.

During the APAS, we present a new approach to Prevention of losses, which focused on the possibility to remotely monitor the various prevention and safety solutions that Gunnebo offers. Visitors could not only see how to manipulate the system in full operation. Installed at the booth, we had cameras, safes, chilled and Buyouts, all connected to the remote monitoring systems. When installed at retail, the system allows greater security, more control of the operation and reducing costs by optimizing the management of one or more stores. Check out the solutions that were in operation at our booth:

  • Integrated monitoring service , utilities such as refrigerated counters and alarm;
    Remote Monitoring of operations of front of box, the Gatecash, which allows greater control of each product sold;
    CCTV monitoring and control, with 100% coverage of the site, through any computer or even by phone, via 3 g, through the Tub Camera and Digipryn;
    Remote monitoring of the entire system antifurtos EAS, ensures greater efficiency and return on investment;
    Monitoring of all cash management cycle of only one store or of the entire network, keeping the money in a safe place, with the Smart Vault and Cash Control System. The highlight at the booth was the Safe Lite Intelligent thought especially for small retail stores or shops with reduced number of check outs;
    Remote monitoring of the entry and exit of people in the store, providing data for marketing intelligence and management.
    In addition to innovations in technology, visitors could talk to various loss prevention specialists, who were at the booth, taking questions, explaining and showing the benefits of each of our solutions. During the fair were also distributed copies of the new issue of loss prevention Magazine. If you did not attend the fair or not you purchased your copy, download the free digital version here.

Loss prevention magazine 2016:20 actions to overcome the crisis

Despite the complicated scenario facing us, it became clear that investing in loss prevention is a strategic action for the supermarket can keep your profit margin and increase your competitive potential. Monitor several solutions of prevention and security through a single tool may be what we need to further improve the planning of prevention.

We hope that visitors enjoyed the fair and that our solutions have helped even more to prevent losses and boost profits.