Apple Prepares Its Own Platform for The Intelligent Home According to Financial Times

According to Financial Times, Apple is preparing its own platform for the intelligent home. A system that would make it possible to use our iPhone, and in general the iOS devices, such as control center for our home. Can turn on the lights, control security, appliances, and much more.

A story that sounds powerful but by the touch and options that Apple could integrate into the operating system itself more that I would do. And it is, at present, we have systems through the use of apps from third parties that allow us all that through products such as Belkin Mobile Wemo, Placed, etc..

But is that touch Apple and options that come with iOS 8 which is attractive and exciting. Imagine that finally opens the use of Siri for third-party apps and with voice commands get to check our home.

The smart home of Apple

A platform for the intelligent home of Apple is something important but which responds to the actions that other manufacturers like Samsung and Google are already taking place. Of course, here, one never knows who had thought about it before. By order of announcement, it is clear that Apple is the last to arrive but If we take a look back we see some movements are now fitting with this so-called new intelligent platform.

First of all would be the new Apple TV configuration system. As you recall, with a simple touch configurábamos our Apple Tv thanks to the iPhone without entering Apple ID, etc. Then there is the issue of iBeacon, the ACE up the sleeve of iOS 7. With this technology, we have seen that many possibilities can be deployed both in shops, public or even home sites. For example, Placed is one of the options. We saw another with MOCA platform.

Continuing, we see now as the recent rumor of the inclusion of NFC in the iPhone wins integers. While it is true that Apple always commented that they did not include it considered an immature technology, the truth is that it is very useful and convenient to configure / pair devices with a touch. So, why not make it now.

In short, there are many speculations that we could do and, at least for me, few seem me wild. The truth is that the WWDC is right around the corner and we know that it will focus on iOS and OS X. So if presentation of the 8 iOS and its innovations as the possible Healtbook, OS X and now this platform for the intelligent home, is unclear or missing us keynote hours or we will have much work to assimilate all the news.