Autonomous Driving Continues Its Unstoppable Path. Tecnoticias on Wheels

After the special theme on technology for summer car, we return to the periodic review of the news and technological developments in the world of the motor, the Dhaulagiri Tecnoticias on wheels. This time I have chosen as a protagonist of the article to the autonomous driving, you know, cars that are driven partially or completely alone, therefore do not stop get news concerning.

And is that there is a great argument for opting to autonomous driving: the improvement of safety the driving. In this line we find to the NHTSA, the Agency of the Government of the United States that deals with the safety of roads and cars, you see clearly that the reduction of road accidents through autonomous driving.

In United States the cars are driving on their own already are legal, at least in some States. If the first to legislate in this respect and create a specific driver’s license was the State of Nevada, now joins also the State of California, although this is somewhat more prudent and now leaves them to circulate in order to test and gives time until 2015 to formalize them.

But some car manufacturers may even move. It is the case of Volvo, that is very much considered semi-autonomous and autonomous systems. Although the SARTRE project road trains are still in evidence, Swedish brand, recently announced that it intends to market its system of autonomous driving in traffic jams in 2014 (for within less than what many had hoped). You may remember that the system of Ford, very similar, we met him in person at the end of June in Germany, and to me personally found me it very interesting.

But that authorities assume that the future will be the autonomous driving, drivers also make it. In a study conducted in seven European countries, and among them Spain, asked for the car of the future, it turned out that three of every four Spanish drivers expect that within 25 years cars lead alone, that Yes, with nuance that want to be able to decide when to manually and automatically when driving.

In fact a study also dares to predict what level of presence of autonomous cars will be on the roads. According to one conducted by the Institute of electrical and electronics engineers in the USA (IEEE) 75% of the cars that are sold in 2040 will have autonomous driving.

But while become more complex systems, manufacturers also are advancing, each at their own pace, in semi-autonomous systems which perform certain functions automatically to simplify certain tasks or to improve security. For example Volvo Trucks has already presented its system of emergency truck braking (by now had cars).

As for the task of Park the car, Although there are manufacturers that develop semi-autonomous systems that almost made the move alone, and in future all points that they will do so alone, as the NSC-2015 prototype presented by Nissan, other manufacturers tested with systems to prevent forgetfulness.

As for example the virtual bumper Cadillac, that when we are maneuvering, forward or backward, they control the distance to any obstacle, and if not we tells the system stops automatically for avoid the blow or rub. In this same line Nissan has also presented a very similar system.

More news on four wheels

The perhaps most curious news of recent days has been one of the system Cardrops distribution of purchases over the Internet. And it is that when they send us the order not everyone is at home to be able to pick it up, or neither the opening hours of the office of the transport agency adapts to your work schedule. As well, with Cardrops our order delivered us it in our car, and without having to be present (you have more details of how it works in the Motorpasión future article).

Also a few days ago that we are witnessing the presentation of the new range of Parrot Asteroid handsfree systems, which in addition to Android also include touch screen (in two of the three new models) in Madrid.

In HUD There are also novelties, Denso (components for automobile manufacturers) says that it will be ready for market by 2015, a system of information on the windshield of 10.1 ”, in color and with some functions of augmented reality. For now it would be implemented in a car larger HUD.

By the way, two systems for the most curious car. A Japanese University is developing a vision system reversing camera that shows the image directly over the rear seats, so that these they give the feeling of being “ transparent & #8221; What is back as looks through them. And Ford has unveiled a system of noise cancellation in the new Ford Mondeo hybrid, which uses speakers to make even more silent and calm this car running.

About electric cars There are also interesting news you remember. The University of California believed that speed of recharging lithium-ion batteries could increase to double just with a new process control software, without having to develop new battery technologies. This is particularly interesting for the very large, electric cars and that it takes to recharge is much.

Another way to get refills more rapid are the ultra-quick Chargers, as the supercargador of Tesla, there is nothing 90 kW of power, which already operates in California. Renault is also working on one. And who does not want to depend on a plug, the city of Los Angeles is already testing the systems of wireless charging in cars.

Renault It has launched the official kit of windows for the affordable electric vehicle Renault Twizy. They are an accessory that can be mounted on any dealer. It must be said that some like and others do not, I will say yourselves.

By the way, remember the? Hiriko Fold? It is a car electric two-seater, folding, and with four wheel steering, which is manufactured in the Basque country, because now it will also have convertible version, Hiriko Ialai. And very different from this one, with many more horses (751 HP) and also much more expensive, for those who think that electric cars are slow and boring, Mercedes-Benz It has been confirmed will be like the final model of the SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive (spectacular).

And finally, valid for all types of cars, the tire manufacturer Goodyear He has presented the wheels AMT with system of automatic inflation (nothing automatic more).