BlickDomi, Windows and Smart Doors Come to Your Home

Part of our homes home automation installation includes management of the blinds to be able to regulate the lighting and also heat we receive from the Sun. But there are solutions that go beyond, integrating openness, security and much more in doors and windows. BlickDomi is a very interesting home automation system de la empresa EspaƱola Solven making doors and windows so they are smart.

The system has been presented at the fair ePower & Building on 25 to 28 October in Madrid. Attentive because it has many more features than would be expected. I discussed some of the features available in this entry, but now We can see them in video so we offer more information.

The project has developed over two years by Solven and has taken in secret before being marketed. BlickDomi is an advanced home automation system, fully integrated in windows and doors and that works without batteries or batteries. Also uses artificial intelligence functions, although at an early stage is limited to the control by using the mobile application, it will be improved in the next version for decision-making.

Unlike other home automation systems, is not to integrate sensors that record conditions or actuators to perform actions on the window, controlled remotely from other systems. Each window BlickDomi has all the necessary elements. Thus, it has a microprocessor that is the one who takes the decisions reported by the sensors, and allows you to act on the window or other systems of housing thanks to the integrated actuators (opening and closing and ascent and descent of blinds).

BlickDomi home automation solution is really complete and offers a full service in house

For example, and thank you it has a microprocessor, BlickDomi is able to update its own operating system. But let’s look at functions that offers:

  • The blind by mobile control and push button.
  • Alarm glass break and forced attempt.
  • Alarm opening.
  • Opening tilt or practicable.
  • Temperature and humidity control.
  • Integrated camera photo and video streaming.
  • Alarm inhibition of signal and power outage.
  • Control filters CO2 and ventilation system as it is the case of Aeromat.

As you can see the solution Solven BlickDomi is really complete and offers a full in house service to integrate the functions of home automation in the window as light and temperature, opening and closing of the same regulation but also of security against attempts at opening, break, or even use of inhibitors to block the signal, as well as the integration of surveillance cameras.

The system is also reactive, so it If it detects an intrusion attempt could get all blinds housing or for example if it rains so that they become dirty. From the mobile application can request photographs show us the interior of the House. If all this wasn’t enough, also is possible to monitor the quality of the air.

The system is complemented with BlickDomi doors that open automatically press people.

According to the creators of the system, the price is also competitive for what it has to offer and the truth is that it is much, as we can see in the videos that accompany the entrance.