Blueguard-E, a Lock Electronic Bluetooth for Our Digital Home

Although personally I’m prefer the system of traditional locks and keys, with this beautiful metal sound, I have to admit that the electronic systems they have their advantages, especially when it comes to accurately recording who comes home and at what hours.

The Lark-Wi company has announced the launch of Blueguard-E, a lock system with Bluetooth connectivity designed to be installed on conventional doors for a price not too high and thanks to which the owner of the House can control the access to your home and give permissions to distance.

Works through an application for Mobile iOS and Android that once installed will allow the detection of these just approaching the door, offering the possibility of opening it by clicking an icon on the screen. Blueguard-E has a sensor on the latch that detects when closed and open correctly, inform us whenever there is a change and allowing us to be sure that We have closed the door to leaving home, For example.

The system has security of 2048-bit RSA and the possibility of create virtual electronic keys to who we want, allowing us to give one who we want on a temporary basis and knowing when entered at home from anywhere in the world, which will have to install the option of WiFi connectivity that is offered as an extra and it comes in form of light bulb LED or plug. It also offers the option of having a small remote control Bluetooth similar to the garages from which open the door by simply pressing a button.

Price and availability

Blueguard-E is beginning a campaign funding on Kickstarter, behind which are intended to start the distribution from March 2016 for a starting price of $119.