Children Must Ride in Safety Seats at Least Until Measure 1.35 Centimeters.

In full operation it is necessary to remember return the use of chairs and lifts for children, in order to keep them safe during the journey of Homecoming.

Even on short journeys you must travel without a child restraint system or seat belt. Therefore, it is appropriate to recall the obligation that children travelling on these devices at least until they measured 135 cm.
Since that ASEPRI 46 per cent of children under 14 years who died in car accident between 2008 and 2010 did not use any child restraint system and the percentage that Yes did, only 18 per cent had correctly.

Use chairs and lifts properly prevents serious and fatal injuries between 50% and 80%

From kids and more we have already spoken earlier on the most common mistakes we make families on the use of child restraint systems. And today I want to remember that we must Verify that the harness of the child car seat must not be loose, and is necessary to check that the belt is positioned well around the device. On the other hand many times the ISOFIX system is not properly set, and is an aspect to take into account.

Here you can find more tips to increase security when you travel by car. And if there’s one last thing that I want to highlight is that our guide to decide what kind of system we use or buy us, We will have as parameter is the weight of the child and that these systems are approved by the United Nations, with ECE R44/04 identification. Stature is another important factor because the child’s head should rest with safety and comfort in the seat back. On the other hand, the age of the child is a guiding factor.

We wish you a happy Homecoming, and a return to everyday life as tranquil as possible.