D-Link Bet Apple HomeKit with Its New 180 D-Link Mena Video Surveillance Camera

When we talk of control through intelligent systems home there is a brand that has managed to gain a foothold in the current climate and that is Apple. A firm that thanks to Apple HomeKit has managed to gain the support of users and especially third party manufacturers that make their devices compatible with this ecosystem.

That is precisely what has just happened with the latest release of D-Link, the manufacturer known for its routers and that however also features in catalog with security cameras, as it is the case of the new Mena 180 Cam HD (DSH-C310), a camera that is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

With a design that reminds us of the Echo Amazon D-Link Mena 180 is a panoramic video surveillance camera, something that we saw yesterday in the case of the PNM-9020V’s way with a device can only cover a greater viewing angle. The Mena 180 D-Link also allows that recordings are carried out in resolution Full HD (1080 p) in such a way that it achieves higher image quality.

But where this new camera is it’s compatibility with Apple HomeKit and is to begin the Mena 180 D-Link can be configured from your own application Apple Home, either from our compatible iOS device. A communication which is also done securely through encryption end-to-end and authentication between the camera and your device.

Through Apple Home we will have access to view live of the Mena 180 D-Link what is recording for making use of sensors that start recording when motion is detected. Also from our iPhone or iPad we can interact with the D-Link 180 MENA and other connected devices so that you can establish routines such as the activation of alarms to distance or lowering blinds to detect movements.

For recording in low-light environments or light conditions adverse It has a night recording mode It also has recording cards support micro SD XC.

Price and availability

For now we only know the availability of the Mena 180 D-Link, that will reach the shelves of stores throughout the month of April to a price that, by now, know.