The man, despite being rational, acts in a very different way from the animal, highlighting his intelligence and the form of his behavior.

Man has intelligence, conscience and the ability to analyze his actions, perform his tasks, plan his activities and put them into practice.

Man, through his intelligence and training, reaches sensitive and bodily things as well as immaterial and incorporeal realities. For example: truth, time, space, good, virtue, etc.

Man, through his differences, faces his behavior, because man is an amazing being; their change is constant, their habits, customs, beliefs and cultures. The word “reason” is what predominates in your vocabulary.

Today, the way in which man lives is unfortunate, he destroys himself every minute, both in a carnal and spiritual way.

Today, we can say that man fights against himself. He himself makes weapons against himself, atomic bombs, he respects neither his body nor his own life, he, so greedy, that he may one day reach the point of totally destroying himself, as he has done with various animal species, with forests and like her, the fauna. He is, in reality, nature’s greatest enemy.

Animals, considered as an irrational being, however much we may think that he is a free being, performs his acts driven by his sensations, appetites and natural instinct, to an end that he himself ignores and whose consequences he never succeeds predict.

Animals are also intelligent beings, but it is always reduced to sensitivity, it is a being that acts according to its instinct, but its feelings are strong and pure in relation to man.

Animals do not seek knowledge for the future, but live the reality of the moment, express themselves in a natural way for life.

Animals are in fact organized beings, endowed with a deep feeling and express this form of life in the eyes of men who do not understand, understand or respect a being that is so beautiful and natural, regardless of its species.


Man dominates every space he encounters, he unfortunately interferes even in animal space. Man always aims at his goal, regardless of whether it will destroy other lives, man at the same time building, destroying everything in the blink of an eye, man has made this world a powder keg that can explode at any moment.

Man is a being who has attitudes that often leave something to be desired, leave us saddened and with wounded hearts.

One day all this will come to an end, the Creator of all these things will ask us: why is there so much evil, so much violence, so much disorder and also, lack of humanity.

Difference Between Man and Animal

Difference Between Man and Animal