Digitus Wireless Surveillance Camera Review

Wireless IP cameras to monitor have become popular. In particular, the new generation of P2P technology is sought after. Earlier types of IP cameras can be difficult to set up and adjust. The newest types of IP cameras has made wireless monitoring easy to get started with. The built-in P2P connectivity means that you as a user can access the live monitoring via the internet.

In P2P technology makes that you avoid having to change on your router or firewall settings. In a matter of minutes the camera is ready for you with an app can follow along on your iPhone or Android phone. Monitoring of course also works on the iPad or Android tablets, when the free app is installed. With the app you can get push notifications when monitoring Camera detects movement. At the same time, the camera can start a video recording that is stored locally on an SD card. It is also possible to get an alarm as email with an attached photo. The wireless IP cameras manufactured by the German company Digitus, which provides a five-year warranty on the cameras.


Digitus Wireless Surveillance Camera


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modular crimping tool utp digitus the specialist in IP ...

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