Dyson Mash Hot+Cool Link Analysis: Purifies, Heats and Ventilates The Air in Your Home

Dyson is a pioneer in vacuum and ventilation systems. Since the first vacuum cleaners Bagless onto the market have managed to position itself as a leading company in everything that has to do with air. And one of the most interesting products of the range is the Dyson mash Hot+Cool Link, a system of air conditioning and air purification all-in-one.

In a relatively compact system have an air cleaner, a heating or ventilation system, and all controllable via a remote control or, better still, from a mobile device thanks to its control application and programming.

Dyson mash Hot+Cool Link, specifications

  • Filter HEPA 360ยบ of glass fiber that removes 99.95% of particles to 0.1 microns and carbon for odor removal
  • Functions of diffuse vent or long-range Jet Focus control
  • Thermostatic control of the temperature
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Programming by remote control (included) or application for mobile devices
  • Silent function
  • Weight of 3.90 Kg
  • Height 64 cm

Dyson mash Hot+Cool Link, unpacking and setting up

We are both in a vertical box quite adjusted to the size of the device the Dyson mash Hot+Cool Link as a remote control from which control it, but you’ll probably want to use the control from the application for mobile as we will see later. The system has a vertical diffuser and a cylindrical base which is the one that is responsible for collecting air, filter it and eject it.

Another interesting aspect is that the air flow can vary and focus upward, thanks to a side button that allows you to tilt the top, both upwards and downwards, although the angle is not too pronounced.

At the back we find the power cord and the cover to change the air filter, while in the front we have the ignition switch and a temperature indicator and the functioning of the system. Ventilation is shown with a blue light, while heating is indicated by a red light.

From the first moment we enjoy the Dyson mash Hot+Cool Link Thanks to the included remote control, you can select the main functions, but you probably want install the application of Dyson, available for both Android and iOS, since we have a much more interesting.

Thus, we can program the Dyson is turn on or turn off at specific times of the day, have indication of the quality of the air using a graph and detailed information of operation. And all this thanks to the Dyson Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing us to be able to change the configuration or programming from anywhere in the House.

The Dyson has in addition with a movement of rotation in both directions with respect to the vertical axis, so it can heat or ventilate large stays due to the movement or make air flow will be pleasant.

But probably the feature star of this team is cleaning the air and their reason for being in addition to the security don’t have moving parts like other fans. Cleaning the air helps to improve health and our quality of life, especially for people with allergies or respiratory problems and to reduce annoying odors.

Including manufacturer air filter is capable of 99.95% of particles of up to 0.1 micron filter, What will both help eliminate odors and pollens and pollutants. The app also tells us what is the quality of the air we are breathing and is able to monitor it continuously.

We can set up the Dyson in three modes, maintaining the quality of the air, I am sensitive to the particles and contaminants, or I am very sensitive to the particles and contaminants. Thus we get that the Purifier is active longer and so improve the level of air quality.

The system makes a quite restrained noise at low speed, increasing the level as we are increasing the air flow. The heat indicator / normal temperature and dial will help us to establish the optimum settings, or to verify that it is the desired if we use the included remote control.

Dyson mash Hot+Cool Link, the opinion of Engadget

Dyson commitment to quality in all products. With your Dyson mash Hot+Cool Link it not going to be less, offering a heater, fan and air purifier that you will want to always leave connected to improve home air quality. Thanks to the duration of your filter, 4000 hours, This will not be a problem. And when you pass the duration you can replace it with a new.

The system offers a good flow of both normal and hot air, with the possibility of concentrating it in a bundle or to make out more diffuse. And it also has a function of rotation about the vertical axis for use in larger rooms. Loudness is adequate and we have total security if we have young children at home with respect to conventional fans or other heating equipment.

Although it has a remote control, you can get all the benefit will want to use it from the application for mobile devices, from which we can schedule the operation for the different days of the week and also to monitor the quality of the air, offering different levels. The system offers us to receive notifications for the filter change and the State of the computer.

The Dyson mash Hot+Cool Link has a recommended retail price of 599 euros in your web page.

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