Frequency Inhibitors Work and Why Its Use Is Forbidden

Once you have gone to open your car with the remote distance and not opened? Okay, maybe that you have run out of batteries, but also you could pass because you were near a police station, barracks or other especially protected places. Perhaps at that time not you realized why that could happen, but the answer is simple: frequency inhibitor.

Frequency inhibitors are devices that range from the size of a pocket of a suitcase with a very simple purpose: interrupt communications. And now to get one of these devices is not too complicated, but another thing is the legality of their use. We know in depth how they work and why they are forbidden to use them.

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What is and how it works an inhibitor?

Frequency inhibitors have an objective very clear and simple: prevent communications in certain frequencies. But as it is not easy to block a device so that it can not communicate with another, the solution to prevent that traffic information is very simple and similar to a DDoS attack: introduce at the indicated frequency noise, useless information that saturate the band, preventing that the true information will not.

Inhibitors can be used to interfere with different types of communications or devices, from mobile networks, speed, bluetooth, GPS, infrared radar… But despite its variety of use, all inhibitors are really simple. They are based on a circuit that has an oscillator that generates the signal, a noise generator, a gain stage to give sufficient power to the signal and finally one or more transmitting antennas generated by plate.

And as we mentioned initially, inhibitors are of all sizes. From little more than a mobile to as big as a suitcase in hand, always Depending on the frequencies that you want to sweep (there are one or several) and reach (from few meters to more than one kilometre. And of course, if anyone wonders the origin or beginning of these devices, we would have us go to a war, namely the second world war, where both sides used inhibitors to interfere with enemy communications.

Why were they banned or restricted its use?

With frequency inhibitors happened as with other many advances, including technological: There is always who gives a not proper use. Frequency inhibitors may have such legitimate uses as protect concrete buildings, preventing the remote activation of explosives for example, but there are many cases in which use may be abuse, but who use the inhibitor is not aware of this.

The case of universities

The use of inhibitors became popular for example years ago in several Spanish universities (Oviedo, Sevilla, Zaragoza and Valencia are some examples). For what? As the technology was being used in favor of students who prefer not to touch a book, through the use of earphones connected with a person outside that facilitated exam answers, were several faculty or faculties which pulled down the street from the medium, using frequency inhibitors They even communicate with the outside.Several faculties used inhibitors to prevent communication with the outside during exams

There are some problems in these cases: the first is that the radius of action of the inhibitors is not controllable, beyond the power which determines the meters that may affect, so it It could be damaging to users who were not present in the examination room. On the other hand, inhibit all the frequencies that can be used on a mobile is not a simple task, since they can even vary according to each mobile operator, or even you could also use a WiFi or bluetooth for communication.

Alarms reported by mobile network

Rather than abuse another use that has been given to frequency inhibitors is for robberies at homes or other places. The alarms that are connected by mobile network They have become popular in recent times, since they are easier to install and less expensive. The problem in this case is that thieves could go to the place to be stolen with an inhibitor (usually alarms using the 900 MHz band) so that the alarm can not communicate with the central.

Fortunately, alarm companies are already aware that using conventional mobile network is likely to be interfered by frequency inhibitors (that as we will see below are available easily on the Internet). So the first thing I recommend is either install an alarm which communicates by fixed, susceptible network obviously to cable cuts, or use networks as Sigfox, that thanks to the use of a narrow ultra frequency is virtually impossible to be inhibited.

What says the law on its use

Seen these not-so-friendly applications of frequency inhibitors (and which is not mentioned) the authorities had to take a stand on the use of these devices. A report of the private security of the Ministry of Interior unit clear whether we can use inhibitors:

Frequency inhibitors devices can only be used by Forces and bodies of public administration authorized, so, at present, all those that are being used outside of this exception, and without the authorization of the Ministry of telecommunications, and safety are aside from legislation, being able to apply, therefore, complaint, the corresponding penalties by the competent body.

With the previous words is clear only State security forces can make use of inhibitors and indeed the sanctions that we expose If you ignore those words, contained in the General Law of telecommunications, ranging from the 500,000 euros in the case that is considered a serious offense and even up to 20 million euros in the case that is declared as a very serious infringement.

In Spain the penalties for using an inhibitor ranging from 500,000 euros to 20 million

Y Spain is not the only case of country that prohibits its use, Since our law only takes a directive, although for example, United States also once banned its use. Even so, known cases of countries that throughout time have used inhibitors not only to protect themselves, have also used them to prevent communications by radio from the outside. On Wikipedia you can explore more than one case.

And the sale of inhibitors?

You don’t have to be an Internet guru to access online shops, without us having to go to Chinese pages, where we can find inhibitors of all types and prices, but if its use is rather than banned, you can sell? We already know that laws on the net for some things are quite faded, but in spite of this the Ministry of industry makes it very clear in your web page:

Frequency inhibitors, inhibitors of mobile telephony, communications inhibitors and all kinds of inhibitors which interfere, hinder or obstruct communications, they may not be imported, offered for sale, carry the CE marking, or it can be used throughout the Spanish territory, subject to the exceptions listed in the directive itself.

Despite this, buy an inhibitor online is a simple task, only the money is needed. In the first store that we have found a very simple search even have a section in which supposedly respond to the question about the legality of the use of inhibitors. Attention to the text, which does not have any waste:

The use of these devices in order to prevent illicit activities is completely legal. In places where the use of telephone systems is restricted or is not necessary, it is possible to install such devices, allowing users of that space to be aware that at a given moment, your devices (mobile phones, communication systems,…) will not be operating during the time duration of the event. Is the case of examinations and tests of the University, theatres (for representation), churches (for the omilía), Auditorium (during the show), local councils, Government forces or personnel at high risk.

In this type of event, is not allowed the use of mobile phones as they intercede in communications and sound systems.

In addition, specifically in the case of examinations has been extended the use of earphones or electronic chops, through which some pupils copied on tests, receiving the information and the answers by a tiny Comlink which is located in the ear.

To prevent any communication inside the classroom, you have to compel all students to turn off the phone, but those who are willing to copy, just stop using frequency inhibitors.

If the range of action of the inhibitors is controlled, only the appropriate areas will be out of coverage.

We advocate the right having anyone isolate an area of your property and avoid radio frequencies in your area if not it interferes with the signal that others want to receive. Thus, if at home you must not have mobile coverage or GPS, WiFi or any why not install an inhibitor? You are free to decide which waves go through your space, since every person has freedom to decide what passes for its properties. Online [omitted] .com we understand inhibition as if it were the background music in your home. This can be to a reasonable volume, the low enough so it will not disturb your neighbor.

Our slogan: “Where just the freedom of one, begins the other.”

Obviously the above store live sell inhibitors, but clearly they are hiding the fact that the use of inhibitors is totally illegal, including legitimate uses that mention. As much as defending the right to isolate a private property of waves, check 100% to get the effect of an inhibitor is impossible, by which you can affect beyond the desired area. In addition the law is very clear, use, import and sale is illegal.