Friends of The Alien Would Be a Little More Difficult with These Anti-Theft Sensors at Home

We have spoken on these pages as have controlled access to our House and everything that happens in it through the use of surveillance methods as in the case of IP cameras. A form of know everything can happen in the home and road to avoid the visit of the foreign friends or at least make them work.

But what happens if they have managed to enter and endangered our most valued objects? With this goal becomes a system called Art Guard MAP that how its name suggests originated in the protection of works of art in museums and galleries, something that now also extends to our home and to any object we want to have under control.

You don’t have to have home valuable works of art to having to make use of an alarm system and Art Guard MAP can be a good example of this assertion, since small we get that adapts easily to different objects that you want to protect.

To be effective this system makes use of a patented wireless sensor called Magnetic Asset Protection (MAP), a sort of label that adheres to the object in question in order to detect the slightest movement suffered the place to which it is attached.

The system feeds on 2 CR2450 batteries, which offer a autonomy of about 4 years, warning by means of an indicator if the remaining battery life is approaching its end.

For ease of use, the label offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes so that they are usable with objects of different sizes and with different surfaces, either metal, plastic… In addition the sensor comes into direct contact with the object that you want to protect, something of vital importance especially in works of art, since in this way it eliminates any possibility of damage.

It’s an original concept however find that a but. Not be able to manage all the tags for example from our smartphone to achieve greater control of protected goods, even though the manufacturer ensures that it is compatible with other security systems.