Goodbye Low-Resolution, Hello Video Security Cameras Surveillance HD 29 MP

When I think in video surveillance systems for our homes, I have to admit that despite the times running the first thing that comes to mind are computers with low resolution and taking a picture every some seconds.

Is not that this is the most current technology can offer us, only which in many cases are systems installed long ago that is usually not paying attention when you upgrade the equipment for the home, although we should, otherwise they will lose effectiveness.

Today, navigating the vast world of the Internet, I found a new system of video surveillance that will undoubtedly be the trend to continue in the coming years by manufacturers, and that is basically characterized by offering very high resolution images to not miss any detail of what happens around.

I.e., they seek to put the sensors and optics of the latest cameras in the service of surveillance of homes and businesses. This is what gives for example the Canadian company Avigilon with the line of security cameras JPEG2000 HD Pro with resolutions of between 8 and 29 Mega pixels (MP) and Canon Optics.

They say 29 MP model can replace 95 cameras with standard VGA resolution (I guess that they refer to number of pixels captured), both sold a few years ago, thanks to its CCD sensor capable of taking 6576 × 4384 two photos per second. Here you can see an example of one of these photos at full resolution.

Do we need so much resolution in our homes? Well, maybe not, but what is clear is that technology will bring us in a short time this type of solutions, although at the moment the price is the main limitation When installing one of these devices at home. For example, recently we told you about the Flea3, a webcam surveillance capable of capturing video to 4096 × 2160 pixels at a rate of 21 frames per second (8 MP photos), very interesting on paper but it cost about $950, something that eludes most of our pockets.