Google Tea Wants to Deliver Packages in a Self-Employed Truck

A Google -should say Alphabet – has been granted a patent that describes the use of autonomous trucks carrying packages door to door. Yes, as rings, straight for the jugular of Amazon. Another thing is that this comes to fruition, but at least we are going to spend a while to understand in more detail what it is.

Google plays with autonomous systems is a fact that no one will surprise, to bring the technology to a goods truck, already sounds somewhat different to what we are used to seeing: cars transformed from Lexus models and Toyota, or friendly vehicles without steering wheel.

Apart from legislation, a truck allows a more powerful and secure than a drone, transport do not know if fast

On packages shipping to home without any kind of driver, the company that most had motivated him to carry out is Amazon, and the type of vehicle that you want to use does not have wheels.

It is fair comment that Google has also been playing with this, Project wing. But it is also a method of transportation quite limited in weight, also in security what takes.

The idea of Google, as you can see in the picture accompanying the patent, it is more secure. The truck would take some compartments which can open only the purchaser or the person identified as the recipient package. It opens with pin, credit card, or with any device that has NFC technology.

It also introduces a system of communication with the central, to solve any problem in front of the vehicle. Once we take the package and close the truck follows its course of cast autonomously.

The reality is that the patent does not put too much detail so that we create ourselves that it can operate in real-life. It is assumed that Google has much technology so four-wheeled vehicles to move alone: maps, radars, sensors, cameras, laser systems.