Home Control Centre, Services Nokia Domotic

Nokia exploring new markets today announced the development of what you have decided to be baptized as Home Control Centre, They claim will open a new stage in the integration of technology in the home design.

The objective of Nokia It is to introduce a system capable of automating the home, with energy management, security and communication services, all integrated by wireless networks, both exterior and interior of the House.

The system will not be a single solution, they will have different services that you can access, and may be used and managed from a local computer, or from a smartphone or remote PCs, with the sense that users can control various aspects of the House as the temperature, a camera, lights, etc, without having to be in person in it.

Nokia not going to invent the home theater, there are various solutions in the domestic market, but to date there has not been a solution that operate smoothly with items already available in the market, as their mobile phones and other home automation services, to try to make the most affordable set.

Try to communicate and operate different existing systems It is the main objective of Nokia, acting as a dictionary which translates the different languages of these systems, presenting them in a single interface that is accessible from a mobile device.

Nokia you are creating a solution open, based on GNU/Linux, in particular OpenWrt Linux 2.6, where third parties can develop its own services, and giving special importance to the mobile device is the interface ideal for control systems involved, especially when the user is out of home.

Gateway hardware that communicate each of the Interior elements of the House among themselves and with the outside has already been defined with a size of 350 × 150 × 35 mm and 150 grams. It will feature connectivity WiFi 802. 11n, GSM/GPRS and Z-Wave, 4 slots USB 2.0, a 533 Mhz processor, an SD card reader and a Gigabit Ethernet port, among other specifications.

Nokia Home Control Center It will be commercially available in late 2009, so the Finnish company has been associated with the second supplier of energy in Germany, RWE, to set up a system that controls the heating of households from the mobile phone.

I leave you with a video of the platform in operation making use of a mobile phone from the House: