Honeywell Wide Family Lyric with a Security System Compatible with HomeKit

Honeywell last year launched Lyric, a smart thermostat from 279 dollars which the company hoped to pave their way to the connected home. Now, American multinational has taken advantage of the CES 2015 to submit the next chapter of this story with a solid collection of devices designed for check the safety of our House, safety in the broadest spectrum of the word.

We have sensors for motion, smoke, glass break and doors contact, a security camera, a numeric keypad, the inevitable siren and even a Wall lamp. All are compatible among if and can be controlled through a touch panel, using customizable voice commands and from our iPhone or iPad with the Lyric app.

Although above thermostat did not have no function control by voice, the installation of the new system will endow it with this feature, and despite the zeal with which the company insists on save details, it seems that it will also be possible to control the lights, locks and blinds of other manufacturers, thus serving as a central Hub from which to automate around our House.

These two functions, the control voice with Siri and cohesion under a same protocol of domotic systems are precisely the strong point of HomeKit, the new frameworks introduced with iOS 8 of which we have just heard news so far. All that will change, and Honeywell as one of the official partners of Apple to implement HomeKit ducking our questions and a barrage of compatible products to around the corner, nor is it’s necessary to add too.

According to George Janelis, one of the makers of Honeywell security products, the company will reveal more information with live demonstrations during the ISC-West Las Vegas fair next month of April, while the official launch of the new range of Lyric products will take place some time later in June.

Lights, camera, action! At #CES2015-Pro-install Lyric home security: motion & smoke detectors; camera; lights & more.

— Honeywell Home (@Honeywell_Home) January 6, 2015