How to Choose a Surveillance Camera: Eight Questions to Answer

Whether to protect your home or business, there are several reasons to own your surveillance cameras. As there is a wide range, it is important to make a good research to find the perfect camera.

By meeting the next eight questions, you will make sure to find the camera that responds to your needs.

Once you have proven the need video surveillance and that you ensure you protect the privacy of the persons on the monitored sites, it will choose your cameras. We now know, it is important to choose quality equipment. Beyond this, we must choose the surveillance cameras to suit your needs.

To make your choice, remember to think about these few aspects:

  • On the inside or outside? If you think you install your cameras outside, you should ensure that they will withstand all kinds of weather. If you decide to install them outside and are accessible, remember to bring vandal-proof camera (mini-domes).
  • Of night or day? If you plan to use your camera at night, you should equip yourself with infrared cameras to not miss anything. Take the time to choose a camera with night vision good. So choose a maximum distance of 10 meters.
  • SD or HD resolution?: Will you need a standard resolution recording (SD) or high-resolution HD)? Depending on the distance to find areas to monitor, you will need a lens suitable for your needs.
  • The area to be covered? Some cameras provide 360 ° coverage. These are perfect to monitor a larger area, such as a warehouse, for example. If not, consider buying more than one camera.
  • A fixed or rotating camera? Depending on the distance to be covered, you can choose a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) who will perform a rotary movement from left to right, from bottom to top and more zoom.
  • The sound ? If you want a camera that allows you to hear remotely, consider choosing one that offers you the possibility. Remember that it is also possible to choose one with speakers which is very effective to scare a thief.
  • A wireless or wired? Will you choose an IP camera? Most of these monitoring devices enable the wireless connection. If you want to make sure to avoid congestion caused by several son, be sure to choose one with wi-fi connection.
  • Connected to an alarm system? If you want more than one camera, you can choose a model that allows you to connect them to create a complete surveillance system. In some cases, you can also connect it to an alarm system.

By answering all these aspects, you can then choose the perfect camera model. Contact in order to receive more answers and the best advice. They guide you through your purchase to find the surveillance cameras to suit your needs.