How to Configure a VPN on OS X Lion, Special on Engadget on

A VPN network It is a virtual private network that is accessed through a public network, properly configured security and access system. Surely if you worked from home for a company that has one, using it to connect to the corporate network, you know how useful that would be. Are also used for other purposes: in countries with Internet blockades, the VPN network gets an extension of another network without blocks with which to work, for example.

Our colleagues from XatakaOn they are publishing a special very interesting about this type of VPN networks on different operating systems, and configuration item dedicated to our OS X Lion It is really good. If you are interested in the subject, or want to learn more about it, go through our neighbour blog and read the magnificent tutorial.

In it, you will learn to configure the VPN connection data, to create the type of service, the authentication and the direction of network traffic so that everything passes through the new VPN. Very complete and useful the work of our colleague Joshelu, hope I find you interesting!