How to Prevent Losses During the Receipt of Goods

Receipt of goods is a vulnerable spot of retailing that deserves special attention, as well as the distribution centers. Are stages involving many processes and people, being necessary for effective strategies to not suffer losses. During it, for example, internal losses may occur easily detectable, as counting errors, internal theft or even the unpreparedness of employees that, if controlled, can be stopped already at first.

In an interview with issue No. 7 of loss prevention Magazine, the specialist Anderson Ozawa calls attention to the monitoring by CCTV of the area: “How to receive and stock area has been considered high risk, it is essential to monitor them. A good solution is the CCTV, as it records the behavior of employees at the time of delivery of goods, “said Ozawa. It also highlights the importance of monitoring and emphasizes the preparation of the team. “The retailer cannot forget also to train and qualify employees that the monitor”.

Another possible solution recommended by experts from retail is the Rear Module Gatecash, Gunnebo’s. The Gatecash was already a major loss control tools at the point of sale of the company and this new template is intended for the control and monitoring of receiving goods. Moses Pontremoli, Gunnebo specialist responsible for the tool, says that the big advantage is that the news is totally integrated into the Gatecash system. With this, in only one program, the retailer, he said, can monitor two processes.

With the rear Module monitoring real-time image is linked to the entry of goods information with remote interface for event queries. In addition to crossing the information input with the output, Pontremoli highlights one more advantage of the solution: “the system is compatible with most software of management of receipt of goods, such as Windows and Linux.

Main advantages of the Gatecash Rear Module:

  • If you notice break a stock product, only that product query
  • If wary of a certain operator, there is only one operator
  • As standard approach, one can observe only the higher-risk operations like receipts cancelled.

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To check out the story in full, download here the 2015 Edition of loss prevention Magazine.