HTC One M8: Update On Android 4.4.4 Eye Experience

Faster than thought: since yesterday the eye experience update for the HTC one M8 is on the way. It raises the system version on Android 4.4.4 KitKat and also includes the eye features of the newly featured HTC desire eye. The Taiwanese manufacturer is therefore just the update times a day after its announcement available.

Update of 14.10.2014, 17:43: Now although no official mouthpiece of HTC the update a product manager of the company announced, but.

Hardly, HTC has announced the software updates for one series, they are also on the way. The update highlights the HTC one M8 on the version number 3.28.401.6 and is 252 MB. Because it is so not a mini update, you should perform it over a Wi-Fi network. Up on a few bug fixes, KitKat brings even no visible new features, because the manufacturer has summarized the changes of Android 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 in a recent update and distributed as Android 4.4.3. However, the new camera features of so-called ‘eye experience’ are exciting.

The Functions Of The Eye Experience

The camera app on the HTC one M8 gets some interesting gadgetry running the update. This includes among other things the split recording for the simultaneous use of main and front-facing camera, the passport photo booth, voice commands for the Selfie recording or a digital skin enhancement of Selfies. Via face-morphing Selfies can also be merged in post-processing with the face from another photo. According to androidcentral received the eye experience update in addition to the HTC one M8 also other models, including the one M7, One Max, and one mini 2.