I Recuse That I Had Fled From Viseu Detained In Spain

The 39-year-old prisoner of Spanish nationality who on 7 April fled the Prison in Viseu was captured on Friday in Spain. The judicial authorities now expect António Ramirez Jimenez to be extradited to Portugal.

The man deceived the guards of the EP of Viseu, managing during the recreation period to climb the laminated safety net and disappear.

Following this escape a guard was already subject to disciplinary proceedings, having been sentenced to stay.

The immediately open inquiry by the Prosecutor’s Office of Inspection and Services – conducted by a prosecutor – was completed last week.

The investigations found that at the time of the escape there were two guards to whom responsibility could be attributed: a guard and a guard. It was around 5:00 pm during the recess of prisoners. The guard was climbing to look at the CCTV (video surveillance system) – it’s three-hour maximum shifts-but at the time of the leak it was not next to the monitors and did not trigger the alarm.

The inspector found, however, that he had been assigned-during his shift-another task, and it was not by negligence that he was absent from his post. For this reason, it was decided not to proceed, in this case, to disciplinary proceedings.

The evaluation of the guard who was in the outer court, watching the playground, was different. The fugue was filmed all the way and the viewing of the images allowed to reconstitute, in the second, the occurrence. The prisoner, who was awaiting the trial for drug trafficking, was slowly approaching the guard until he passed by. Then, behind his back, he still spent a few minutes exercising until he went to the wall and decided to skip it, without the guard even noticing the movement. Between scaling the fence and kneading the network installed at the top were 27 seconds. It was another guard, who parked the car outside, who warned the escape, but it was not possible to lock the prisoner.

The disciplinary process, opened and concluded in record time, ordered that the guard be sentenced to 60 days of unpaid suspension. It was also determined that in the most critical moments, such as the recreation period and the visits, the presence of a guard with CCTV is mandatory.

This year, 6 leaks were detected, more than last year (5 cases registered) and 2015 (2 cases). In part uncertain is only Joaquim Bitton Matos, the luso-israelite who escaped from the prison of Caxias, the 19 of February.