Imation Apollo Gen 2, Easy Storage for Everyone

Surely few are consumers who do not have close a portable hard drive At home. It serves to connect it to your TV or a streamer’s content, to pass photos and documents to friends or at work, and even who uses it as a security for the important things that we like to have duplicate.

The Imation Apollo 2 gene It is the last option we have known within a fairly saturated market. Your internal hard drive is 2.5 inches and come in capacities of 640, 500, 320 GB.

This portable hard drive is compact and lightweight)160 grams), as it should be, without great fanfare in design, and includes backup systems automatic and automatic restore functions within their Total average Back Up software

This Imation Apollo 2 gene We can buy it by between 90 and 130 euros, Depending on the size you want, but you have to keep in mind that USB 3.0 is not yet.