In Five Years, More Fridges Than Bracelets

This morning we have raised with a new refrigerator model of LG, those who claim our attention by design, also by its dimensions, doors and compartments, and of course, by the implementation of much technology.

The refrigerators will be one of the claims of the next CES 2015, as one of the connected devices having more than grow in the main markets of the planet. At the fair in Las Vegas we will know more about your model of LG, which won’t miss competition.

59% of U.S. consumers are willing to change your refrigerator for a Premium model and connected.

Taking advantage of his presence, I have chosen to look for information on the status of the “smart fridges”, and I see that there are some studies in this respect, as presenting the people of Acquity Group -Accenture-, projected onto the North American market.

For consultants, refrigerators will be one of the connected devices grow more in the next five years, beating out the rest when you pass that time. Above gadgets so striking as watches, glasses, or thermostats.

The people of Quartz has taken Acquity Group data and presents it in a fairly clear graphics – image below-, it can see the projection that is expected with refrigerators.

The growth has much to do with the renovation, which is expected to in appliances which are in the kitchen, and the interest from potential buyers in changing what has at home by Premium models.

Also is the growth expected in the security systems connected and thermostats, all of them with the functionality star allow to monitor activities from our phones.