InMoBS, Siemens Project Which Helps The Visually Impaired Get around The City

New technological advances almost always arise with the intention to make life easier to satisfy any need and help us in our daily tasks. This is precisely the rationale of InMoBS, a new project of Siemens for smart cities of the future and that will allow to the sighted move with greater security.

Works thanks to an application on the mobile phone that will guide the user in their journeys on foot thanks to the interpretation of position and status data transmitted by urban elements and traffic control that we have in the cities of the future.

The first tests were performed in Braunschweig (Germany), where Siemens is testing its intelligent mobility (AIM) platform, and has two types of information: the connected vehicle (car2car) and which comes from directly from the traffic signals (car2x).

Guiding the user with vibration and sound

The process of using begins at home, where the user can plan the route to follow thanks to the GPS and digital maps that show you the traffic information. Subsequently, with the mobile in your Pocket goes out and goes along its route.

When is an intersection, passing pedestrians, traffic lights, etc.., the application outputs signals by vibration or sound that guide users along the way and warns them of any obstacles that may be found.

To ensure that you can cross a street safely, application will only emit a signal at the time in which you could start to walk. I mean, When not already come vehicles not only when you change the semaphore’s State, as it is the case with the current models.

InMoBS will need to be permanently connected to mobile networks, from which it will receive information signals and connected vehicle terminal. When will we see this technology in our cities? Therefore still lack enough, since the main drawback is the development and implementation of the Intelligent signalling systems in streets and vehicles, something that in some countries like the United States are already considering how mandatory.