Intel IoT, a Platform for Wearables with The to Recover Time Lost on Mobile

Intel It is obsessed with the Internet of things, and does very well to be, after the unforgivable episode of mobile devices in recent years, which has failed to create solutions in a market that did not stop growing. ARM and Qualcomm ate you the toast, but in the wearables will take all the meat on the spit.

Intel wants to be within all kinds of connected devices, you are intended for the domestic market, or out of it. They estimate that by 2020 there will be a few 50,000 million devices that can potentially have Intel hardware, and they will try to make full.

Intel wants to make it easier to wearables with IoT platform manufacturers. You won’t have to create products from scratch

The bet is not new, we saw in the past CES all a compendium of technologies and gadgets related to wearables and connected devices.

His proposal is not to create finished products, the intention is to create a platform -Intel IoT – that offer more than just processors and sensors.

In all this time has been formalizing relationships with many major companies, which at different levels to create products with its technology. In addition to the hardware, it will offer mechanisms to quantify the information, Security, and ways to connect to the cloud.

Looking beyond the domestic partners

Intel sees market beyond the wearables, He has his sights set on tools for the world of health, also in factories. Nor it closed doors to vehicles, consoles, or systems of home and building automation, including products for the energy sector.

In the search for other companies that accompany him in the adventure, Intel values name and experience that it can provide, since no one is going to pay attention in a watch with Intel technology. But a product of a great watch company, which use Intel technology. What seems to seek Intel are partners to the Samsung style, which motorized the growth of the Android platform.

With Siemens is already working on an intelligent parking system, with NCR on improving the points of sale. Other names that are added to your initiative we have to Dell, Accenture, or SAP.

Do not forget that they have on the other hand, managed to climb into sunglasses coming from Google, as well as having created an agreement with glasses – Luxottica – leading company to provide technology.

At the same time we are living this commitment to the world of connected devices, the American company is reorganized, trying to recover some ground lost on mobile devices – tablets and phones. Beginning in 2015, will join its two businesses: the division that is responsible for inventing hardware for mobile – with limited success – is the same as that makes our computers processors.