Introducing – Genius Vision Nvr Software Free

Support and functions

Genius Vision NVR is easy to set up and run on any modern version of Windows operating systems (XP, 2003, Vista, Server and others). The good thing is that the interface is very intuitive, with very practical control functions.
In addition, the software provides the Internet Explorer browser, that is, it already comes with the embedded internet server.
Portable Live Streaming

It supports live video streaming from iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
Playback is very fast and the program has an intelligent search system, and it has a higher speed than other programs in the category. Its structure has been optimized for high-performance recording
It supports up to 6 monitors and features 360º panorama in live mode and also in playback mode.

The tool allows you to zoom in and out the images from the mouse movement. It also displays a timeline to more easily visualize when images were recorded.
And users can rely on tools to customize the program, can edit maps and arbitrarily choose any location or shot angle. Not to mention the possibility of starting a recording from a defined parameter, even if the user is not logged in.

The program is free and no registration or activation number is required. Which is a great advantage, since you do not have to pay anything to have the software, just download and you have Genius Vision installed without spending anything.
Best of all, the program has no restrictions on use. There is no time limit for any of the software functions. But, be aware, it is free only for non-commercial use.