Capital city Topeka
Population 2,940,865 (2020)
Surface 213,283 km²
Governor Laura Kelly (D)
Member of the US since 1861

Kansas is one of the fifty states of the United States. The state is located in the center of the country. The abbreviation for Kansas is KS. Its nickname is ‘The Sunflower State’. That means the ‘Sunflower State’. With 2,871,238 residents, Kansas is the 32nd most populous state in the US. Kansas borders the states of Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nebraska. The capital of Kansas is Topeka.


There are many cities in Kansas. Here are the five largest.

Largest Cities in Kansas

Name Inhabitants County
1. Wichita 382.368 Sedgwick County
2. Overland Park 173.372 Johnson County
3. Kansas City 145,786 Wyandotte County
4. Topeka 127,473 Shawnee County
5. Olathe 125,872 Johnson County

How many counties in Kansas? The State of Kansas comprises 105 counties.



Wichita’s skyline.

Wichita is a city in the US state of Kansas. With 384,445 inhabitants, it is the 49th largest major city in the United States. Wichita is also Kansas’s largest city, but not the capital, which is Topeka. The city is located on the Arkansas River. Wichita is the county seat of Sedgwick County. A county is smaller than a state, but larger than a municipality. In 1863 the Wichita Indians founded a village on the site where the city of Wichita is now located. In 1870, the city of Wichita was officially founded. Many companies active in the aviation field come from Wichita. Examples are aircraft manufacturers Cessna and Beech. Boeing also has a factory in the city. Wichita’s nickname is therefore The Air Capital Of The World.

Partner cities

  • Cancun – Mexico
  • Kaifeng – People’s Republic of China
  • Orleans – France
  • Zacatecas – Mexico
  • Omaha – United States
  • Terrinches – Spain

Interstate 135 in Kansas

Begin Wichita
End Salina
Length 96 mi
Length 154 km
  • 1A → Oklahoma City1-19: Wichita
  • 1B 47th Street
  • 1C → Wichita Beltway
  • 2 Hydraulic Street
  • 3A Southeast Boulevard
  • 3B Pawnee Street
  • 4 Harry Street
  • 5A Lincoln Street
  • 5B → Kellogg Avenue Freeway
  • 6 1st Street
  • 7A Central Avenue
  • 7B 9th Street
  • 8 13th Street
  • 9 21st Street
  • 10A 29th Street
  • 10B → East Wichita
  • 11 → West Wichita
  • 13 53rd Street
  • 14 61st Street
  • 16 77th Street
  • 17 85th Street
  • 19 101st Street
  • 22 Sedgwick
  • 25 Whitewater
  • 28 36th Street
  • 30 → Hutchinson
  • 31 Newton
  • 33 → Emporia
  • 34 North Newton
  • 40 Hesston
  • 46 Moundridge
  • 48 Moundridge
  • 54 Elyria
  • 58 → Hutchinson
  • 60 McPherson
  • 65 Pawnee Road
  • 72 Lindsborg
  • 78 Old Highway 81
  • 82 Assaria
  • 86 Smola
  • 88-93: Salina
  • 88 Water Well Road
  • 89 Schilling Road
  • 90 Magnolia Road
  • 92 Crawford Street
  • 93 State Street
  • 95 → Denver / Topeka

Interstate 135 or I -135 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Kansas. The highway forms a north-south connection in the middle of the state and runs from Interstate 35 in Wichita to Interstate 70 in Salina. The route is 154 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-135 at Wichita.

The highway begins on the south side of Wichita, where it branches off the Interstate 35 toll road, which runs from Oklahoma City to Kansas City. The highway then has 2×2 lanes and almost immediately after that Interstate 235 branches off, the Wichita ring road. The highway then continues north through the southern residential areas, then intersects with US 54 near downtown. US 54 forms an east-west highway. I-135 then runs elevated 2×3 lanes north and on the north side of Wichita, SR-96 exits forming the eastern bypass. Shortly afterwards, theInterstate 235 on I-135. You then pass a few suburbs and then leave the urban area.

North of Wichita, the route is extremely monotonous and runs through the flat treeless prairies. You pass the town of Newton where you cross US 50, which runs from Hutchinson to Emporia. I-135 then temporarily runs northwest, but then runs north again from McPherson, where it crosses US 56, the road from Great Bend to Kansas City. Somewhat after McPherson, you reach the town of Salina, where I-135 ends at Interstate 70, the highway from Denver to Kansas City. US 81 then continues straight as a 2×2 main road.


Construction of the highway began in 1968 at McPherson, and construction progressed through the 1970s. Between 1971 and 1979, the highway was opened through Wichita. In December 1979 the entire route was completed.

I-135 was originally numbered I-35W, a branch of I-35. On September 13, 1976, the route was renumbered to I-135.

Traffic intensities

The highway is not extremely busy, in Wichita there are a maximum of 92,000 vehicles, which drops to 12,000 towards Salina.

Interstate 335 in Kansas

Begin Emporia
End Topeka
Length 50 mi
Length 81 km
127 → Wichita / Kansas City147 Osage City

177 → Denver / Kansas City

Interstate 335 or I -335 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Kansas. The highway is a toll road and part of the Kansas Turnpike that continues on Interstate 35 and Interstate 70. The route is 81 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At Emporia, Interstate 35 becomes I-335 as I-35 turns east. Both routes go to Kansas City, but I-35 then becomes toll-free, while the I-335/I-70 route is a toll road. One passes through the monotonous Kansas countryside, which consists of barren prairies and meadows. One crosses one major road, US 56, which runs from McPherson to Kansas City. The road follows the entire route in a northeasterly direction. Just before the end of the road in the capital Topeka, you cross the US 75, the road from Independence to Omaha. I-335 then ends at Interstate 470, the southern bypassfrom Topeka. Through traffic to Kansas City uses I-470 and I-70.


The highway opened as the Kansas Turnpike on October 20, 1956. Until 1987, the highway had no road number. After the speed limits were changed, a number was also assigned to this route.


As part of the Kansas Turnpike, the entirety of I-335 is a toll road. This is the least used section of the Kansas Turnpike, east-west traffic uses I-70 and north-south traffic mostly uses toll-free I-35 from Emporia to Kansas City.

Traffic intensities

The I-335 is extremely quiet with only 6,500 vehicles per day.

Kansas - The Sunflower State

Kansas – The Sunflower State
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