Korner Tea Mobile Alerts If There Are Intruders in The House

Home security systems there are many, but few are as easy to install as the recently presented Korner. We have a team of intrusion detection composed of two parts.

The first is the detector as such, with a triangular shape and which adheres to the top of windows and doors by detecting when open. They have a battery with a estimated period of three years, so we won’t have to worry about continually review their status and in addition we will be notified when they are running low.

The second part of the equipment is the transmitter data to Internet. It is a small shaped USB memory device but at whose end has an Ethernet port. Cirectamente is connected to the home router and sends the intrusion data directly to our phones, in which we will have to have previously installed the corresponding application. It is capable of managing the data arriving from a maximum of 15 detectors.

This device also a strong beep When it detects an intruder in the House, which can serve to scare the evil-doer, or at least until you find the device connected to the router and disconnect it.

With the mobile application, user can perform various tasks, such as contact the police When you receive a warning or alert someone you know to make this who check the location of the home.

Körner, price and availability

Time the creators of Körner continue undergoing tests and seeking funding on Indiegogo to complete and improve its product, which by the way will have a lower price to the $100 (for 89 bucks you can buy a kit with transmitter and three labels).