Lay Down Their Weapons and Not Present Resistance: Whatsapp Has Already Won The War

Whatsapp is the King of the personal messaging on our smartphones and this will not change. At least in the short or even medium term.

Does not want to pass, because there are strong arguments for desired and even demand it, but you have to lay down their arms and surrender to the obvious: “the Whatsapp” is far to be defeated and I’ll tell I believe that it has already won the war for a few years.

When a name becomes “name”

If your mother tells you that yesterday not sent you its daily wasap is that war has already been won

If you analyze your daily vocabulary, sure you will find lots of products and even services that you’ve inevitably associated with a brand specific. All take a chocolate milk, a Danone or a Coca Cola, to name only some of those associations that come to us from small and is not so simple to eradicate, although it is not really the brand that we consume at that time.

The same thing happens with the Whatsapp. Notes to your around and check that the user of a foot has partnered on a regular basis this messaging as the standard service when they talk about sending a message. Fundéu already have him in their crosshairs since last summer, and I don’t take much in which the SAR could admit that We cannot stop this wasap effect. Who is not in a group of wasap even to fix a paddle game?

The noun wasap (‘message free by the Instant Messenger WhatsApp application’), as well as its derived verb wasapear (‘Exchange messages by WhatsApp’), are adaptations to the Spanish, according to the criteria of the orthography of the Spanish language (Fundéu dixit)

The friends of my friends are my friends

What are you using the personal messaging type Whatsapp? Accurate, to communicate quickly and free (at least I think many users) with your friends, ergo will use the employing most of your contacts. That has been the major success of Whatsapp, established de-facto as messaging system.

The figures provided by the company are more impressive every year, and have not stopped growing since that began his adventure in the summer of 2009. In successive years, and when Instant Messaging or have data on the mobile was not usual or mass society, this application has been maintained at the top of lists of downloads from all platforms for which was available, and only with the mouth.

In 2013, the company has doubled the number of active users, and already more than 400 million. Another fact that impresses is the number of messages that are sent with your application, which the company has established in about 40 per user per day. The final past year system broke its records of the previous year and multiplied by three messages that managed Whatsapp, which reached the 54,000 million in one day! How to compete against that?

Overcome the already established rival and trapped by the social mass user is short term mission impossible

The theory tells us that it is task nor much less simple. Tallest towers have fallen in their efforts to overcome the already established rival. Look, but on the commitment that Google makes available with its social network Google +, which seek desperately to integrate into our every day in a way already even, how to put it mildly, painful.

Also any rival who has approached Twitter, with the best proposals for long and when more flojeaba this giant years ago, have resulted in deeper oblivion. With Whatsapp is the same, even with more depth because of the difficulty of moving service to users who are not just worried about the same thing that you.

Be early adopter is cool but we aren’t influencers at home

The Telegram effect sounds? Of course, just a year ago also lived the end of Whatsapp with the arrival of a rival line, which took advantage of a delicate moment associated with the crisis by the payment of Whatsapp to saturate markets where didn’t have much presence as Spain with announcements, promos on television in prime time and famous of means. Even achieving impressive figures of registered users (eye with this nuance), has not been that rival who urge an end to the hegemony of the King. How is it possible if you have stickers? Stickers!

Every time we live the end of Whatsapp. It is the law of life.

Telegram grows without stopping, and the cycle repeats. Will this application make it at last? He destronará leader? I am afraid that not. And is that once managed to catch the user, produces the “burden of contacts” effect. Yes, the mission impossible to exit Whatsapp.

In my case, wearing Lead Blogger for Engadget label with 8 years of coordination behind and having been technology doctor of so many friends and family, start the crusade to refer contacts to Telegram (just as I did with Line and BBM with…) but after a few days that are key, not reached the level of blind faith necessary to believe that it is possible. Yes, my contacts have increased from zero to 20 in a few hours, but then I analyze them and they aren’t who I really call for messages. Just those that are not on Twitter, but are the fundamental basis of Whatsapp and let’s not forget that if you convince them, the domino effect should continue and that they will do the same with other contact and thus to infinity and beyond.

Notice for example that one of the deadly cracks in Whatsapp that we do not tire to use as a weapon with them, security, is not relevant to that mass of users that have made powerful to this system. As much as I’ve tried to convince my parents that their communications will be safer, I have encountered an impenetrable wall. Do you not know that your child is an influencer of preferential regional with real possibilities of climb rate at end of season?

The only glimmer of hope for the rest of alternatives to the Whatsapp is still vile money. And not much. Indeed the preconceived idea that with Whatsapp messages are free – as if having data in mobile or Wifi at home outside free – and wanting to charge us is an offense that must be combated with handkerchief against the face and duel to machete.

But that anger is passed eventually, delaying that I pay another year or, well seen by Whatsapp, improving the forms and integrating the possibility of another contact (that end up being the computer cousin) pay us that miserable euro.

Good, if simple… best for who does not want complications

Another of the successes of Whatsapp, although my opponent in this duel prefers a more complete application in its defense of a miracle, is that this application has not much changed its strategy, simple but effective: be able to send messages to your contacts.

Both in functionality and design, few new features are that brings Whatsapp. And thus want to its creators, who kept his idea that your goose that lays the golden eggs is a simple to use and configure application. Since its inception only required our phone to start the andaduda: nothing complex registration systems that it would undoubtedly cast back a good part of the mass of users of greatest growth potential.

Therein lies part of his success according to Jan Koum in statements to the WSJ: “everything is that we focus on messaging and not on monetization or games. Only we want that people can talk.” Yes, they are a different company in that regard, and so far they have not fallen in ads or games, something in what many of its rivals have focused from the start.

We must not forget either that Whastapp has been committed since its inception by be as possible on as many platforms and operating systems, even those less attached to the idea of smartphone, such as Symbian.

So, who do you think you can beat the big bad wolf? Because right now only find a way to beat Whatsapp: services established as Facebook or Twitter boost that facet of their applications and entering a cycle of change that does not seem nothing simple or likely naturally.