LG Electronics. Global electronics company, headquartered in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea.

It is one of the largest electronic conglomerates in the world, the company has 75 subsidiaries worldwide that design and manufacture televisions, telecommunications devices, among many other consumer electronic equipment.

According to abbreviationfinder, LG Electronics acquired Zenith Electronics in 1999 and controls 37.9% of LG Display.

It is a brand of LG Group, a manufacturer of electronic products , mobile phones and petrochemical products.


The company was originally established in 1958 as GoldStar, producing radios, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. LG Group was created with the merger of two a consortium of Korean companies, Lucky (from the Korean “Nakhui”) and GoldStar, from which it derived the abbreviation of LG.

Before it was called LG, products were marketed under the Lucky brand name, while electronic products were sold under the GoldStar brand name. In January of 2009 LG bought the domain name LG.com, standing among the companies that have their domain name two letters.

In 1994 GoldStar won sponsorship from The 3DO Company to make the first 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. In 1995, GoldStar was renamed LG Electronics, and it acquired Zenith Electronics from the United States.

LG Solar Energy is a branch formed in 2007, to give way to LG Chem, as a supplier of poly-silicon to LG Electronics (for the production of solar energy panels).


  • 1980: Starts operations under the name of Hitex Mundo, SA, in the Colon Free Zone. Its staff consisted of two Koreans and three Panamanians.
  • 1981: Hitex Mundo, SA changed its name to Goldstar (Panama), SA
  • 1983: Installs administrative offices on the first floor of the Torre del Banco Unión, in Panama City. (Shared with the Korean Trade Center – KoreanTrade Center).
  • 1985: Goldstar (Panama), SA acquires a warehouse in the Colon Free Zone area and begins its sales to distributors.
  • 1986: The administrative offices of Panama City were moved to the third floor of the Torre del Banco Unión. Through the years, sales have increased quantitatively to the satisfaction of the company.


  • 1990: The administrative offices completely occupy the third floor of the Torre del Banco Unión. Due to the growth in sales and inventory, another 10,000 square meter warehouse is rented at France Field, which includes administrative offices, quality control departments and spare parts.
  • 1991: GoldstarCo is established. Ltd., offices that represent the Headquarters and are in charge of Latin America Operations.
  • 1994: In the month of May, the administrative offices of Panama City were transferred to the Global Bank Tower, establishing Goldstar (Panama), SA on the eighth floor and GoldstarCo. Ltd. on the eleventh floor. As a result of Super “A”, two information centers were established in Ecuador (Quito and Guayaquil). At the end of 1994, sales were over $ 100 million.
  • 1995: The company name (name) of the company is changed from Goldstar (Panamá), SA to LG Electronics Panamá, SA. The name change was made to unify all the components of the “LG Group”, in order to achieve leadership in electronics through its globalization. A Group Logo is created, “The Face of the Future”, which contains five concepts: “The World” “The Future”, “Youth”, “Humanity”, “Technology”.
  • 1997: The world’s first IC reception for Digital TV is developed.

In 1999: The first 40 “PDP (Plasma Display Panel) TV is sold in Korea in May. Also in May they attract foreign investment for LG LCDs. In July they declare the Vision Digital LG.

From 2000

  • 2001: In July PDP, Flatron Plasma Televisions were launched throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Also in July it celebrates the 20th Anniversary of operations in Panama.
  • 2002: Under LG’s company support system, it splits into LG Electronics and LG Corporation. Maximum export scale of colorful GPRS cell phones to Europe. CDMA phone line production and R&D center in China is established.
  • 2003: Enters the GSM Market in the North and Middle East of Europe. It reaches monthly exports with a volume greater than 2.5 million units (July). It is a number one global producer of CDMA.
  • 2004: EVSB, the next generation in DTV broadcast technology, chosen to be the industry standard in the US / Canada by the US ATSC. It markets the world’s first 55-inch all-in-one LCD televisions and 71-inch plasma televisions. Develops the first DMB satellite and terrestrial mobile phones.
  • 2005: Becomes the world’s fourth largest cell phone provider. It develops the first 3G UMTS DMB mobile phones, 3G-based DVB Media, FLO DMB phones with timing functions and DMB laptops. Establishes LG-Nortel, a networking solution in conjunction with Nortel.
  • 2006: LG Chocolate, the first model in LG’s Black Label series of premium mobile phones, sells 7.5 million units worldwide. Develops the first single scan 60-inch HD PDP module and 100-inch LCD TV. Establishes strategic union with UL. Acquire the world’s first IPv6 GoldReady logo.
  • 2007: Launches the industry’s first dual format, high definition disc player and disc drive.
  • 2008, LG took its first action in solar panel manufacturing, announced that it was entering into a preliminary deal to form a joint venture with Conergy. LG would acquire 75% of the Conergy solar panel plant. LG has produced designated ARTCAM camcorders and DSLRs.



Among the multimedia is digital TV, DVD-ROM Drives, CD, VCR, DVD Player, Audio, Security Systems, Multimedia Recorders, Video Phones, PC Cameras, Automatic Banking System, PCB.

Sound and Image

Home Theater: LG Home Theater Systems, with 5.1 channels, enhance the sound of movies and recitals. You can see all the photos and listen to the radio with just one computer.

Its best known models are:

  • HT503SH, Home Theater with DivX Total power: 500W RMS 70W x 5 + 150W
  • HT303SU, Home Theater with DivX Total power: 300W RMS 45W x 5 + 75W
  • HT762TZ, Home Theater Champagne 700W RMS total power 110W x 5 + 150W


HIFI System

LG Audio Equipment is designed to complete your own music space with its high sound quality and style.


LG’s new Mini Systems combine the highest sound power and modern design.


Microsystems systems are designed to save space and maintain sound quality with an advanced design.

TV systems


Digital LCD televisions allow you to control television broadcasts, PCs, Monitors and DVDs all with a single remote control.


The images are of very good quality.


It is an ultra slim and super fast digital television with detailed images and graphics, presented on a mega Plasma screen.


30% thinner than any other conventional television.

Home appliances

Air Conditioning, Refrigerators, Microwave, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, compressors for air conditioning, Compressors for Refrigerators.

Informatics and Communication Systems

TDX, STAREX, Optical Switching Systems, Implementation of Advanced IBS (Building Information Systems), Systems Integration Service (SI), among others. It also includes a range of computers, with high performance, incorporating the latest technology.

Cell phone

Satellite phone, GSM and CDMA Multimedia Cell Phones , IMT-2000 Services.

Important progress

In 2005, LG was one of the Top 100 Global Brands, and in 2006, LG posted growth of 14%. It is now one of the largest plasma panelmanufacturers in the world (its affiliate, LG Display, is one of the largest manufacturers of Liquid Crystal Display).

In 2006, the division of mobile cellular company, LG Mobile, marketed the LG Chocolate, as a result, the company was chosen as “Team Design of the Year” Award Red Dot Design Award in 2006- 2007.

LG Electronics Guide

LG Electronics Guide