Mac OS X Lion, Apple Released Version for Developers and Reveals Many of Its Innovations

The last surprise of the day after the launch of the new range of MacBook Pro and FaceTime for Mac version 1.0 has been updating the page on Mac OS X Lion, the next version of Apple’s operating system, with new data on developments that will bring and a preliminary version for developers available for the Mac Developer Program members.

“ The iPad has inspired a new generation of innovative features in Lion. Developers you’ll like Mission Control and Launchpad; and can begin now to add to its own new applications features Lion as fullscreen, gestures, Versions and Auto Save. ” – Philip Schiller, senior Vice President of worldwide product Marketing for Apple.

As you know, Lion will integrate many of the features that until now had been exclusive of iOS, Mac OS X version for mobile devices behind the success of the iPhone or iPad. Already know Mission Control, responsible for unifying Exposé, Dashboard, Spaces, and uses full-screen in a single place from which quick access to each “ to offer the user a perspective to bird’s eye view of all apps and windows that are running on the Mac ”. Or the new gestures to access this, applications in fullscreen (also with its own gestures), the Lauchpad Launcher (identical in operation and possibilities of organization than the iOS screens) or the Mac App Store.

Then … do we lacked to be discovered? Here’s some more of the puzzle pieces & #8230;

Mail 5

The new version of Mail will have a new design on the line of the Mac App Store or FaceTime clearly inspired by the iPad, and with a full screen mode. In addition, it is also capable of grouping the messages in conversations to facilitate its reading, perform more powerful searches and includes support for Microsoft Exchange 2010.


One of my favorite features is this new feature Finder with which we can send files wirelessly to other computers without having to configure anything. When you click on its icon, AirDrop automatically detects users who are close by identifying them with their photos of contact (if we have them in our calendar), and if you drag a file to a user and it accepts the request, it is transferred to your downloads folder. Great (and with many possibilities with a view to its integration with iOS).

Versions and AutoSave

Applications adapted to Lion will allow the system to automatically save our documents as we work with them, storing the changes in a single file that contains the successive versions of these. Every hour it will create a new version with the modifications made and if we want to go back to view, edit, or even to restore a previous version can do so in a very simple way using an interface similar to the of Time Machine. This not only provides enhanced security but also saves space by avoiding the need to create additional copies.


Together with the function of AutoSave found this new way of understanding the behavior of the computer and the applications that returns them to the State where we left them last time I worked with her, which in practice means that it is over that of having to save documents, close applications, restart after you have installed some update (for example) open applications, search for documents with which we were working … with resume function will be able to resume our work just where left it both individually to reopen an application like general after having switched off the unit.


Week pass my colleague Samuel talked you about FileVault, a feature of Mac OS X unknown by many with which we can protect our home by encrypting and desencriptando folder their content transparently to the user. Lion will include a FileVault rewritten from scratch that will provide high performance, options for encryption full disk capable of running both on local drives as external and that can delete data instantly.

They put the patent we published the other day about a space where to store our most sensitive documents protecting them with a password somewhere?

Mac OS X Lion Server

It seems, Mac OS X Lion assimilate the functions of the Server version offering a unique operating system capable of anything. Using the Lion Server application you can configure your Mac as a server in a very simple way and manage other systems with Mac OS X Lion in addition to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Lion Server will allow us to share files wirelessly with the iPad using WebDAV so that we can work with our Keynote, Numbers or documents Pages opening, copying and sharing them on the server.