In Latin is where the etymological origin of the term appropriation is found. Specifically, we can determine that it derives from the verb “appropiare”. This is divided into several clearly defined parts:
-The prefix “ad-“, which means “towards”.
-The element “pro”, which is equivalent to “in favor”.
-The adjective “privus”, which can be translated as “private”.
-The suffix “-ar”, which is used to indicate that it is a verb.

According to DigoPaul, appropriation is the process and the result of appropriating or appropriating. This verb refers to making something your own.

There are several uses for this notion. In the field of law, the assets that are susceptible to appropriation are those whose property may fall directly on the owner, who can freely dispose of it within the provisions of the law. Appropriation, within this framework, marks the fact of taking ownership of something.

If someone takes the property of another’s property for profit, he commits the crime of misappropriation. According to each legislation, it is possible that the misappropriation is considered a scam, differentiating itself from theft and theft by the mechanism that the criminal uses to appropriate the property.

Based on the amount of the defrauded, the economic damage that has been done to the affected, the means used for the appropriation and even the relationship between the affected and the offender, the penalty for the aforementioned crime will be established. A pity that, in addition to the appropriate financial amount, can lead the culprit to spend even years in jail.

The theory of original appropriation, on the other hand, maintains that that person who remains, peacefully, with a resource that lacked an owner, becomes its legitimate owner.

In the same way, we cannot overlook the existence of what has been called cultural appropriation. It becomes a phenomenon that consists of adopting and assuming what are elements of other cultures and then proceeding to incorporate them, in a non-reflective way, into one’s own.

That type of appropriation we can determine that it is considered to have experienced a significant boom in recent years as a consequence of globalization.

Among the elements that may be the object of this cultural adoption of external factors are from tattoos to music through dances, parties, traditions, ways of dressing and even what are expressions.

Lastly, the appropriation of babies is a crime that implies that the criminal kidnaps a newborn child, stealing it from his mother, and then hides his identity. The military regime that governed Argentina between 1976 and 1983 systematically carried out these practices: many pregnant women who opposed the dictatorship or who were linked to opponents were kidnapped and housed in clandestine detention centers. Once they gave birth, their children were stolen by the military, who gave them up for adoption illegally and hiding the child’s origin. Currently, organizations like Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo They work to find those children – who grew up without knowing their history – and give them back their identity.


Meaning of Appropriation