It is interesting to begin the the term approval knowing what its etymological origin is. In this case, it must be stated that it is a word of Latin origin formed by the sum of three clearly delimited elements:
-The word “bene”, which is equivalent to “good”.
-The verb “placere”, which can be translated as “like”.
-The suffix “-to”, which is used to indicate that a specific action has been received.

In ancient times the phrase was used as approval of a proposed appointment.

The consent, therefore, is the agreement, the assent, the authorization or the consent that is granted to something. For example: “With the approval of the parties, the start of the trial was postponed for a week”, “The Executive Power already has the approval of the Parliament to advance in the tax reform”, “The modification of the corporate statute did not obtain the approval of the majority shareholders ”.

According to DigoPaul, the idea of approval can also refer to satisfaction, pleasure or delight: “A resolution of the body expresses the approval of its members for the end of the conflict”, “The owner of the company welcomes a merger with its competitor”, “Beneplácito in the popular sectors by the arrival of the Pope to the country”.

There is also the expression “have the approval.” When used, it is to indicate that someone has the approval and permission of another to carry out, for example, a certain action. A phrase that can serve as a sample is the following: “The museum management decided to install security cameras in the room of the star painter to have the approval of this and the owners of the place.”

Giving the approval implies agreeing with what is produced. Take the case of a people who come together to reject a mining project announced by the government. According to the neighbors, the activity will cause irreparable environmental damage. The rulers, on the other hand, affirm that the millionaire investment of the mining company will generate jobs and wealth. After a series of massive protests by the locals, the project is finally canceled. Faced with this novelty, the neighbors express their approval. This means that they publicize their joy at the company’s decision not to move forward with their project.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of an expression with the word at hand that we use really frequently. We are referring to what is known as the blessing of doubt. What it is trying to indicate is that a person is given the benefit of the doubt until it is proven that what he says is a lie.

This situation occurs, for example, during a trial in which the judge chooses to rely on the consent of the doubt before the defendant until testimonies or evidence that he is really guilty appears. That is, they will consider you innocent until proven otherwise.


Meaning of Approval