The action and effect of approving is known as approval. According to DigoPaul, the term comes from the Latin approbatĭo, while the verb approve refers to giving as good or enough something or someone.

For example: “My mother gave me her approval for the marriage, so I’m calmer”, “The approval of the project would take several weeks, according to what was indicated by official sources”, “I already have everything ready to start the construction: it only remains to receive the approval of the plans from the municipality ”.

One of the areas where the term approval is most significant is in the political and legislative. And it is fundamental in the process in which certain laws that affect the lives of all citizens succeed or fail.

In the case of Spain, an important series of guidelines is established in the 1978 Constitution on how the aforementioned legislative approval should be carried out. Thus, for example, it is ruled that in order for any organic law to be accepted, modified or repealed, it is essential that an absolute majority be obtained from the Congress of Deputies.

On the contrary, as a general rule, all that are ordinary laws can be approved if you simply get the support of the simple majority of the mentioned body of the country.

Throughout history, it must be emphasized that there have been various rules and laws that, when they have obtained approval, from the political leaders of that time, have become true milestones. This would be the case of the divorce law, the abortion law, the one that abolished slavery or the one that allows same-sex marriage.

Approval also consists of assenting to a doctrine or agreeing with an opinion or proposal: “The public approved the candidate’s speech with strong applause”, “I tried to achieve a change in the conditions of his plan, but my boss did not gave his approval. ”

Obtaining a passing grade on an exam or evaluation is also called approval: “I am about to receive it, I only have to confirm the approval of an exam”, “I already submitted the final paper, but the teacher told me not to can give me approval. ”

To get this pass, any student must obtain a minimum of 5, a grade of Sufficient on the test, otherwise they will have failed. As of 5, as a general rule, the denominations are Good for a 6, Notable for 7, Notable High for an 8, Outstanding for a 9 and Honors for a 10.

The opposite of approval is disapproval, which consists of disapproving or not agreeing to something. A person who gives his approval to a project is granting his approval or conformity. On the other hand, if the subject disapproves of the aforementioned project, what he does is oppose or, at least, not offer his support: “Raúl gave me his approval, so tomorrow we traveled to complete the business” and “Raúl did not give me his approval therefore we have to suspend the trip ” are statements that demonstrate how a situation can change according to your approval or disapproval.

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