The first thing to do before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning of the term family tree is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can say that this is the one that has the two words that give it shape:
-Tree comes from Latin, exactly from “arbor”, which can be translated as “tree”.
-Genealogical derives from the Greek and is equivalent to “relating to the study of what is the offspring.” It is a term formed from the sum of the following elements: the noun “genos”, which means “descent”; the name “logos”, which can be translated as “study”; and the suffix “-ico”, which is used to indicate “relative to”.

According to DigoPaul, the family tree is the name of the scheme that allows us to detail the relationships that exist between the members of a family. The name is linked to the form that this graphic representation takes, similar to the appearance of a tree due to its ramifications.

Also called a genogram (although the concept does not refer to exactly the same thing), the family tree groups, in an organized way, the descendants and ancestors of a person. That is: the family tree of an individual X includes his parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings, children, grandchildren, uncles, cousins, etc.

Family trees can be very helpful in diagnosing or preventing certain diseases. Knowing the genealogy of an individual, it is easy to know what genetic background is in his family. The information helps to estimate the possibility of developing a syndrome or inheriting a disease.

In addition to discovering your family health history, there are other reasons why many people consider having their family tree an advantage. We are referring to the following:
-It is a way to discover really surprising, curious, brave and unique people who are part of family history.
– No less relevant is that it helps to know facts and situations of the saga to which you belong, of which you had no idea.
-In the same way, the family tree helps anyone to know exactly where they come from. And we are not only referring to the individuals who are the ancestors but also to the places in the world that are important in that family.

Traditionally, family trees were made on paper, drawing the lines that link relatives. In recent years, however, computer programs have been developed that facilitate the collection and display of genealogical information. There are even websites that provide the service online and for free.

It should be noted that the notion of family tree can be used in animals. In this case we speak of a pedigree, a name that also receives the document where the ancestors of the specimen are registered. Genealogical trees are also used to detail other types of trajectories or evolutions (of a political party, of a language, etc.). The purpose of the schemes is always to show the data clearly.

Family Tree

Meaning of Family Tree