In order to know in depth the meaning of the term provisioning at hand, it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can say that it derives from Latin. Exactly it comes from the word “provisional”, which can be translated as “prepare in advance”.

The act and result of provisioning is called provisioning. The verb to supply, on the other hand, refers to supplying something or someone with the elements it needs to survive or function.

For example. “The government is analyzing how to guarantee the supply of the city in the event of a natural disaster”, “The supply ship was bombarded by rebels”, “The supply of fuel is at risk due to a strike by oil workers”.

Procurement is linked to resource availability, logistics, and distribution. A problem in any of these stages can make provisioning difficult or impossible. Take the case of a supermarket that must supply, among other products, toilet paper to the population. If the business in question sells imported toilet paper and, due to import barriers, cannot obtain the product, the supply will not be possible. The same will happen if, due to an error in the stock calculations, the toilet paper runs out, or if the trucks in charge of the distribution cannot circulate on a picket line.

According to DigoPaul, provisioning generally depends on the organization. A public hospital must have a good supply of medicines and supplies to provide its services. If the government supplies you with fewer products than necessary, since it does not take into account the number of patients treated each day in the health center, the provisioning of said hospital will be deficient. This means that it will not have sufficient resources to guarantee the care of all people.

Provisioning for its proper functioning is essential in any company. Thus, it is established that for this to be perfect, the company must not only have warehouses to store the stocks it needs, but also suppliers that supply them with the corresponding raw materials and even carry out exhaustive control.

Specifically, within the business environment there is talk of a supply cycle. This term defines the process that runs from the moment the company makes the purchase of raw materials until the product is sold to the customer.

Within the field of sport we cannot forget that what is mentioned is used very frequently. Specifically, it is used to refer to the set of foods and equipment that, for example, mountaineers need to face a new challenge. Exactly they will require carrying from the right clothing to the right footwear, including ice axes, a helmet, mountain goggles, poles, backpacks, harness, crampons, gloves, a tall tent…

Food and liquids should also be added to all the above, without forgetting other elements such as the blizzard mask and the oxygen mask, as well as oxygen bottles when they are going to ascend to considerable heights.


Meaning of Provisioning