A scholarship is a grant given to someone to carry out studies or research. It is generally specified as an economic contribution to students or researchers who do not have enough capital to achieve their academic objectives.

Scholarships can come from various state institutions (such as ministries of Education, universities or schools), non-governmental organizations (foundations, associations) or private companies (banks, companies).

There are different types of scholarships: there are total or full scholarships (which cover all the expenses of the student or researcher) and partial scholarships (the financial contribution only covers part of the expenses); there are also general scholarships (for careers or ordinary studies) and special scholarships (for certain programs).

The scholarships for study abroad are particularly beneficial for students of language. In the first place, it allows them to know the culture of the country that arouses their interest without the barriers of a textbook or video; In addition, it provides them with the opportunity to put their pronunciation and conversational skills into practice at a level impossible to achieve from their place of origin.

Having the possibility of living in a foreign country is invaluable, not only because it gives life to the photographs in the books, but because it requires a very intense use of the language, constant use and in situations that are not usually presented in courses.

For example, language learning often includes units about food, in which the names of the main vegetables are covered and role-plays of people in a supermarket are heard or visualized; However, the actual experience of walking the aisles of a store choosing products and comparing prices, consulting with restockers, and finally paying for the purchase presents as many challenges in itself as several years of comfortable study in a store. academy.

Each scholarship plan is potentially different and not all entities require the same level of knowledge to obtain them. Similarly, your offers can vary considerably. In general, the possibility is offered to live with a family or to stay in a student residence. The first option has certain advantages that are difficult to reject, since it allows local people to breathe in the day-to-day life, talk with them about various matters and, most importantly, eliminates the convenience of using one’s own language, which is very common in these cases.

According to DigoPaul, a scholarship holder is someone who enjoys a scholarship. The term, in any case, is associated with the figure of the intern, who is a student or a recently received professional who accesses a job position linked to their specialization to complete training and gain experience.

In this way, the intern’s contract implies a lower remuneration than that of other employees, which leads many companies to take advantage of the situation to reduce costs and avoid the responsibilities and obligations of hiring a person with more experience.

Working as an intern can be very enriching for a student, especially if he still has several years of study ahead of him. When theory is left behind to solve real problems, the incentive is much greater than that of a good grade, and learning is more effective, both on successes and on failures. On the other hand, many interns discover that they have not chosen the right profession for them, and this allows them to change their decision in time.

Beca is also the insignia or cloth band that the schoolboys wore folded over their chest or hanging down their back. Currently only it used in acts of protocol and not part of everyday uniforms.


Meaning of Scholarship