Microsoft Purchase R2 Studios, Company Focused on Digital Home

According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has closed the purchase of a small American startup that responds to the full name of id8 Group R2 Studios Inc., R2 Studios for friends. The company was founded in May 2011 by Blake Krikorian, who was behind Sling Media and the Slingbox players, and working in the environment of home automation and home entertainment.

This small company based in Silicon Valley had gained popularity in the last few months following the interest in doing it not just for Microsoft, but also by Google and Apple. Ultimately, the Redmond seem to have gotten their way, although unknown price that you have had to disburse.

With the acquisition, part of the R2 Studios team will go to work for Microsoft, specifically in the Xbox division. Knowing that the company worked, inter alia, technology related to the distribution of digital content to your TV, not surprising that Microsoft rely on them to help them to continue making their console table Hall Leisure Centre, and can also, in the nerve centre of the future connected home.

Until now, R2 Studios had just published an application for Android devices that became universal for Crestron home control system to our phones or tablets. With the application we could control lights, thermostats, security systems and other elements of the home from anywhere. With the purchase, Microsoft has also earned several patents you go in this direction.

This home automation is not new for the Redmond. Time ago that Microsoft Research are investigating with a kind of operating system for the home that are called HomeOS. Join all that r & d itself and the new company acquired, along with the strategic position that have achieved with Xbox in our classrooms and the potential of the new versions of Windows, both mobile and desktop, sounds really good.