MyFox Home Alarm, Analysis: Surveillance System Within The Reach of All

Home surveillance systems have become popular in the last few months and it is logical. Current technology allows to offer solutions at a price which is acceptable to the majority of users and with some interesting features with regard to their usefulness.

Xataka Smart Home have been able to analyse the Myfox Home Alarm Kit, a system composed of a Hub, sensor for monitoring of doors open and the camera from the same manufacturer. A video surveillance solution for home that we show you in detail.

Myfox features Home Alarm and Security Camera

Knowing the team MyFox Home Alarm + Security Camera

MyFox, French company, offers different kits designed for the safety of the home. On the one hand we have Myfox Home Alarm (€299) which is composed of four elements, and by other Security Camera Myfox (199€).

Home Alarm It is a kit that we find the alarm – circular larger-, Keychain, or remote control device (additional Keychain €29.99) which serves to activate and deactivate the system – well by clicking on their buttons or thanks to your sensor for proximity-, base or Hub called Link that unites each component to our local network to be able to communicate notices via internet, and finally IntelliTAG (additional units €49.99).

IntelliTAG is the most important part for the patented technology that integrates. This sensor, unlike other solutions, does not require any additional parts to detect when a door has been opened or not. Using a sensor system is able to distinguish when the door receives a fortuitous coup or it is being forced to open. It is something that allows you to offer what they call as proactive security because it warns before producing the burglary.

IntelliTAG has different sensors that can detect what type of vibration suffers the door or window to determine if it is something fortuitous or intrusion

In practice and under situations model IntelliTAG works well. The problem is that, based on vibration to find out if the door has been opened or not, it is not as effective as other similar sensors consisting of two parts. In addition, it is not possible to know if we have stopped or not the door closed or open.

Then we have Myfox Security Camera, video surveillance system that offers capture photos and videos in FullHD. We do this with a camera with viewing angle of 130 °. We will also have motion PIR (passive infrared) sensors, night vision mode detection and the ability to transmit two-way audio. I.e., can talk to us you heard remotely thanks to its integrated speaker and also listen to what we respond or noise that may be using your micro.

Therefore, we have a system that will allow us to know if they have agreed starting or not to our home through the front door, and control what happens inside -the camera remotely. At least in the room that we have located it. Then, if we want it, we can use up to 49 additional IntelliTAG for controlling access through windows or other doors.

Installation process

Once we know what offers Myfox is time to pass to the installation and configuration process. This is carried out from a mobile application available for iOS as Android. In theory, the process should be as simple as connect, follow the steps and ready. In practice things change.

In my experience I have had two situations. In the first it was easy to connect with the exception of the Hub Link. Here I had to restart the process twice when I did it through an iOS device. Android on the other hand it was different, and all connect to the first. But well, passing that first phase the rest not involved any complexity.

Once all ready, from the mobile application we can control activation or not of the alarm options, establish which users will receive notifications – very useful if we are left without a battery or we travel and not we meet the alart-, access to what the camera is viewing and to record, take a picture or communicate through its microphone and speaker.

The application is easy to use and offers thoughtful details such as the time line to search for images or moments by the camera recorder. Also the choice community to give access and receiving notifications to other users < p & #62;

Everything from an application that does not involve mysteries. It is easy to use and intuitive menus, in the line of other solutions. So if you already have experience you know how everything goes. If on the other hand not so it won’t cost you to understand how it works.

User experience

We know the product, its mode of installation and configuration, but now the question is How is your experience and what can be expected of such a system. Complicated task if there is no clear what we seek. If you need a great safety and efficient directly Myfox system it is not your solution. Here it would be better to opt for a system that is immune to frequency inhibitors. I.e., a solution in which sensors and control unit are wired. In addition, if there is no connection to the internet will continue to send alerts through other methods of communication. Therefore, it is important that you know.

Then add the IntelliTAG design “problem”. I.e. the sensor is functioning and very well. The discrimination between what could be a fortuitous coup as a pitch and an intrusion is accurate but if there is no violence or directly opening as such does not occur it will not alert. I mean, there are situations in which trying to open the door without forcing, very slowly, the sensor not knew and did not skip the alarm. They are very extreme situations and should not be a problem for most users, but it is good to know.

From the camera, the quality in the recording of video or capture of photos is good. Even in night vision mode. And the control from the application also. Especially for details of the interface that allows you to locate a temporary online you are looking for. Therefore, few drawbacks can put this part of the set. Perhaps the only one, is that recordings in the cloud system is paid from day one.


Let us imagine that the system covers perfectly what we want, have a system able to notify us in case of intrusion or simply to check that everything is correct in the home. In those cases MyFox that turns out to be an interesting device. More even if we use it as a way to assist older people. In such cases we could use the camera independently since it does not require the Hub.

Another point in favour also the recent announcement of integration with Nest products, both the smart thermostat Nest and smoke detector. In addition to the use with TWITTERFEED. So as only to evaluate its price. It may be high compared with other solutions, especially in order to expand with future IntelliTAG, but manufacturing quality is something that ultimately has to pay.