Capital city Lincoln
Population 1,961,504 (2020)
Surface 200,520 km²
Governor Pete Ricketts (R)
Member of the US since 1867

Nebraska is one of the fifty states of the United States. The state is located in the center of the country. The abbreviation for Nebraska is NE. Its nickname is ‘The Cornhusker State’. With 1,842,641 inhabitants, Nebraska is the 36th most populous state in the US. Unlike the other states, Nebraska has a unicameral system. The opposite of this is a bicameral system, as is also the case in the Netherlands (Eerste & Tweede Kamer) and Belgium (Chamber of Representatives & Senate). Nebraska borders the states of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln.


There are a number of cities in Nebraska. Here are the five largest.

Biggest Cities in Nebraska

Name Inhabitants County
1. omaha 408.958 Douglas County
2. Lincoln 258,379 Lancaster County
3. Bellevue 50.137 Sarpy County
4. Grand Island 48,520 Hall County
5. Kearney 30,787 Buffalo County

How many counties in Nebraska? The State of Nebraska comprises 93 counties.


Omaha’s skyline

Omaha is a major city in the United States with a population of 438,650 in the year 2009. It is considered the largest city in the state of Nebraska. The city is not the capital of Nebraska, but it is its financial, industrial, political, and cultural center. However, Lincoln is the capital. A large part of the population/population in Omaha is of African origin. Omaha has a very fast growing population. In the future, the population will even reach 500,000. The average temperature here is 19 degrees. It has a large metropolis/conurbation with approximately 850,000 inhabitants. In Omaha there are many skyscrapers, but also old buildings.

Partner cities

  • Shizuoka – Japan
  • Braunschweig – Germany
  • Siauliai – Lithuania
  • Xalapa – Mexico
  • Wichita – United States

Interstate 180 in Nebraska

Begin Lincoln
End Lincoln
Length 4 mi
Length 6 km
0 → Grand Island / Omaha1 Superior Street

2 Lincoln Airport

3 10th Street

4 Lincoln

Interstate 180 or I -180 is a short Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Nebraska. The highway connects the state capital Lincoln with Interstate 80, which runs from Cheyenne in Wyoming to Omaha. The highway is no more than a short spike in the city and has 2×2 lanes. Lincoln is a larger city with 241,000 inhabitants. The highway was opened in 1964.

Interstate 680 in Nebraska

Begin Omaha
End Council Bluffs
Length 16 mi
Length 26 km
  • 0 → Lincoln / Omaha1 Center Road
  • 2 Pacific Street
  • 3 → Fremont
  • 4 Maple Street
  • 5 Fort Street
  • 6 Blair High Road
  • 9 72nd Street
  • 12 Blair
  • 13 30th Street
  • Missouri River
  • 1 County Road
  • 3 → Council Bluffs / Sioux City

Interstate 680 or I -680 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Nebraska and a short stretch in Iowa. The highway forms a bypass of the city of Omaha. The route in Nebraska is 13 miles long and the part in Iowa is 3 miles long.

Travel directions

I-680 bypasses the west and north sides of Omaha, mostly in Nebraska, but also a small portion of Iowa. About half of I-680 is in an urban area, the northern part is just outside the city. The interstate begins at an interchange with Interstate 80 in Nebraska and ends at an interchange with Interstate 29 in Iowa. The southern section has 3 to 5 lanes in each direction and has an interchange with US 6, which has been developed as a freeway on site. After that, the highway soon narrows to 2×2 lanes, after which I-680 veers east. US 75 joins north in Omaha, followed by the Mormon Bridge over the Missouri River. Shortly after, I-680 ends at acloverleaf with I-29.


I-680 was planned as a bypass of Omaha from the 1950s. Construction started in the mid-1950s and in 1958 the first section opened along with I-80, up to US 6. The bypass was largely completed in 1974, but the bridge over the Missouri River only opened in 1979, when the connection to I-29 was made.

The highway was originally planned as I-280. Because the highway would run into Iowa, up to I-80 at Minden, it was decided to give it one number, I-680 from Omaha to Minden. I-680 was therefore 69 kilometers long.

The numbering of I-680 in the state of Iowa was found illogical due to the relatively long double numbering with I-29 north of Council Bluffs and the different nature of both parts, the part around Omaha is a bypass of a city while the part of Loveland until Minden was a rural highway. Little traffic used the entirety of I-680 to bypass Omaha. In 2019, it was decided to renumber the easternmost section of I-680 between Loveland and Minden as I-880, which the AASHTO approved in October 2019. This cut I-680 in half in length, in Iowa it was only 5 kilometers long.

Opening history

The dates below are indicative and based on historic Nebraska counting charts.

Van Unpleasant Length Datum
Exit 0 Exit 3 5 km 1958
Exit 3 Exit 4 2 km 1966
Exit 4 Exit 6 3 km 1970
Exit 6 Exit 9 5 km 1972
Exit 9 Exit 13 6 km 1974
Exit 13 Exit 3 (Iowa) 6 km 21-04-1979

Traffic intensities

The highway isn’t overly busy, with 105,000 vehicles just off I-80, which slopes down to 30,000 on the north side of Omaha. 16,000 vehicles cross the border into Iowa every day.

Nebraska - The Cornhusker State

Nebraska – The Cornhusker State
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