Netatmo, Legrand, and Velux at CES a Little Closer to The Dream of The Connected Home

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence, home security devices perform precise evaluations of suspicious situations, such as detection of a possible fire or theft. Unlike conventional security systems, requiring human analysis, Artificial Intelligence algorithms understand what is happening, activate the appropriate scenarios and alert us of the danger in real time.

Netatmo, company that designs electronic devices of cutting edge smart home, now presents two new products within its range Security: Smart Smoke Detector and interior security siren. Smart Smoke Detector activates an alarm and sends alerts in real-time to the smartphone’s user when it detects smoke in the House. For interior security siren protects our home against intruders. Presented also at CES Netatmo collaborations with VELUX and Legrand that bring us a little more to the dream of the connected home.

If it detects smoke, the Smart smoke detector of Netatmo an 85dB alarm activates and sends an alert in real time to our smartphone identifying the room in which the smoke has been located: “Smoke detected in the kitchen”. We can install as many smoke alarms as you wish and, through the Netatmo Security application, access them. The detector is also compatible with HomeKit and TWITTERFEED.
On the other hand with the launch of the For interior security siren, Netatmo offers a comprehensive home security system. It’s a fitting Welcome, indoor security camera with facial recognition. The siren operates automatically if Welcome or Tags, safety sensors resistant to water for doors and windows, detect an intruder immediately activating a powerful alarm 110dB. At the same time we will receive a notification in real-time on our smartphone: “Unknown face” or “Detected movement in the garage door”, along with the video of the event recorded by the Welcome. Siren functions are fully customizable from the Application Security. They can even be play a series of pre-recorded audio messages from the App, as well as the siren, as for example: “Police is on track”.

Netatmo presents, through the program «with Netatmo», new integrated connected solutions in the infrastructure of residential housing. The company announced in CES 2017 two solutions developed in collaboration with two industry leaders in the construction sector, Legrand and VELUX.

The connected home has become a reality thanks to the advance of broadband, the increase in the use of the smartphone When it comes to control devices remotely, the development of the Artificial Intelligence offering new services and an improvement in the user experience, and greater interoperability Getting devices to interact and create custom scenarios.

Netatmo launches its «with Netatmo» platform in collaboration with two of the leaders of the market of the construction industry, VELUX and Legrand, to develop new connected solutions directly integrated into the infrastructure of residential homes, whether newly constructed or rehabilitated. Through these collaborations, Netatmo brings its expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence, software integration in product, electronics and user experience.

Netatmo and Legrand they have developed Celiane with Netatmo for the French market, the first range of wall switches and smart plugs affordable, easy to install, secure, interoperable and evolutionary. Celiane with Netatmo allows the user to control the lighting, electric blinds and appliances with a main switch placed at the entrance of the home or directly via a smartphone.

Celiane with Netatmo It can be installed in an existing infrastructure, as well as in a new building. This flexibility lets home connected to anyone. Celiane with Netatmo has been awarded with two awards in the “CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards 2017” in the categories “Smart Home” and “Home Appliances”.

Netatmo and VELUX designed VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo, a intelligent solution that enables automatic, centralized, and remote control of roof windows, blinds and shutters. Through automatic adjustment of the indoor environment, with sensors that monitor light, temperature, humidity and air quality, the user will experience greater comfort and a long-lasting healthy environment, while saving energy. This service will be available from autumn of 2017, and will be compatible with all types of motorized roof windows, including the already installed.

VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo has been awarded with two awards in the “CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards 2017” in the categories “Smart Homes” and “Eco-design and Sustainable technologies”. In addition you can anticipate that Netatmo is in process of closing new collaborations they will be presented through 2017 and that surely also are going to be surprised, for the advancement of artificial intelligence in our homes is unstoppable.