NETGEAR RangeMax DGND3300, Dual Band Already in Spain

NETGEAR has taken but we have officially their RangeMax DGND3300 dual band router in Spain.

This router NETGEAR RangeMax DGND3300 It is a dual band wireless that allows us to navigate both in the band of 2.4 Ghz as in the 5 Ghz, with more channels free, causing less fighting for space with other computers on the digital home. Other information that we are interested in knowing of this router is that it acts as modem ADSL2 +

Services to control our network

The advanced user already makes more complex use of wireless home networks. It is not limited to connect the router and you’re.

This router NETGEAR RangeMax DGND3300 It includes different systems to have more control with what happens in our network. These services include By (Quality of Service) allows us to prioritize data traffic, and ensure a stable connection and enough on those services that we want to have in every moment.

It is also already quite common to have USB computers connected to the network with single router support. In this model we have a ReadyShare USB port to do so.

In terms of configuration and network security, you can use the Push N Connect system that automatically protects data with WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption and the WPS system that I personally love and that helps us in the task of adding equipment to the network securely, without entering username and password.

Parental control and restriction for guests

As the network not us, we use it only the NETGEAR RangeMax DGND3300 it comes with system of access restriction of guests thanks to its WiFi network extra, no need to share your own password.

If what we want is to control the time of use of the network or the access to certain web pages, with a
parental control system which allows you to restrict access to inappropriate and dangerous web sites by blocking of Internet content filters in real time.

Finally, Netgear has not forgotten the issue of the energy-saving and this model features technology green function that automatically turns off for example the router when it does not detect connection signal, automatically resuming the flow of energy when we come back to make use of the same.

The price of the NETGEAR RangeMax DGND3300 is of 100 euros.